Pittsburgh ‘Refrigerator Cat’

1901 refrigerator cats

No, I’m not referring to domestic cats would like to open refrigerator doors and creep inside to either ‘steal’ the food for have a snooze, I’m referring to a special race of domestic cat living in sub-zero temperatures in industrial-sized refrigerator plants at the turn of the 20th century (late 1800s to early 1900s). …

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Nigerian leader advises citizens to adopt a cat to ward off Lassa fever

Emir of Potiskum

The emir of Potiskum, Yobe State, Nigeria, whose name is Alhaji Bubaram Ibn Wuriwa Bauya, wants the citizens of Potiskum to adopt a domestic cat or cats to keep rats at bay. Infected Mastomys rats contaminate food and household items with urine or faeces. This transmits the disease to people, which is endemic in …

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Criticizing the study which says that cats are reluctant to prey on rats

Kitten attacks toy mouse

All over the Internet, at the moment, there is the result of a study on the predation of rats by feral cats which took place in New York City, USA. Misconception The conclusion of the study is that feral cats have little interest in attacking and killing rats. Therefore, the public has a misconception …

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Cat and Rat

by Michael (London, UK) I love it when different species of animal get on really well. And I am talking about species of animal rather than the human animal. It is a glimpse of how it could be for us in getting along with people of other nations and beliefs! There are a lot …

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