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Cat nursing: spot the odd one out — 12 Comments

  1. A really lovely photo I just love the way the little baby squirrel has got his mouth wide open around the teet 🙂
    With regards genetics is it possible that more than one cat fathered the kittens?

    • It perfectly possibly more than one male was involved. Without knowing the genders of the ginger and tabby kittens, it’s impossible to be certain though.

  2. The female appears to be poorly contrasting colourpoint or mink. Underneath that she’s a black/brown tabby tortie (you can see a cream blaze on the top of her head) with the white spotting gene. The rest can only be guessed at without knowing the kiteens’ genders.

    If mum is tabby tortie and dad is genetically tabby or genetically solid black, then the ginger kitten is a male (one X chromosome). If the dad is a ginger male, then that kitten might be a ginger female (female needs 2 X-chromosomes with the red gene).

    It’s likely that dad is genetically tabby or genetically solid black because one of the kittens is black/brown tabby (making the ginger kitten a male that inherited the red colour from mother).

    It’s also likely that dad is visually white, masking tabby/solid black, or that he has a high level of white spotting. That would result in the solid white kitten.

  3. What a lovely picture, pure contentment, humans could learn a lesson from this lovely cat mother who is so accepting of all her family no matter their differences.

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