Cat person rescued a puppy on the roadside and became a cat and dog person

The story unfolds on the woman’s Twitter webpage. Her Twitter username is Tegan G. We don’t have her real name. She works for the Marine Corps in, apparently, the public affairs department. She lives in North Wisconsin, USA. She was driving to work along a rural road. It’s a road that she takes twice a day on her way to and from work. She knows the road very well and on this day something looked out of place.

She says that a ‘branch moved’. I will presume that she stopped her car to discover an abandoned puppy who ran away from her at first but then snuck up behind her. She wanted to feed him something and gave her part of her lunchbox a cheese nibble.

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She proceeded on her way to work and reminded herself that she was a cat person and that it was a long time since she had been around a puppy. She didn’t know what to do. She tucked the puppy into her vest and took him into work to get her laptop and other work items to return home under a tele-work agreement.

She made several telephone calls. First she called the city police who directed her to the Sheriff who in turn directed her to the Humane Society. She made 2 calls to the Humane Society offices and leaned that she had found the fourth puppy of a litter of four.

As it happens, Larry has three sisters. A ‘bad person’ she said had dumped them in a rural, wooded area not far from where she lives. She named her dog Larry and his sisters were abandoned on April 8 by an acquaintance of the ‘bad person’ who had abandoned Larry.

Larry’s sisters were at the Forest County Humane Society rescue centre (other understand it) and she took Larry to his sisters and they were happy to see him. She decided to adopt Larry who stayed at the shelter for veterinary treatment for worms, dehydration and the usual vaccinations and examinations.

Larry was treated for malnourishment, dehydration and intestinal parasites. Larry gets on with her cat thankfully. Actually I think she has more than one cat but she said that he gets on with her oldest cat. His name is King and she adopted him 10 years ago from the Oceanside Humane Society.

It’s a nice little story of how a cat person can become a cat and dog person in an instant. I guess if you love cats you should have a heart and love all animals (not always the case, however) so it is no surprise to me she loves Larry.

Link to Tegan G’s Twitter feed.

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