How do you become a cat person?

How do you become a ‘cat person'.

To put the question another way: “How does one become a cat lover”. I’ll try and answer the question. The thoughts of others are always welcome. Nature/Nuture Fundamentally, you become a cat person partly because you inherited a love of cats or probably a love of animals generally and partly because of your life …

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Why do people like cats?


This is a tricky question to answer precisely but I’ll have a go. Please share your views and comments. The love of cats is called ailurophilia. And a person who loves cats is called an ailurophile. Although we are talking here about people who like cats. Many famous people have liked cats. I can …

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Can a person who doesn’t like cats ever love one? How can they learn to love cats?

Learning to like cats when you are a confirmed dog lover

The answer to the first question in the title (plucked from social media) must be an unequivocal, yes. Over the years that I have been managing this website, I have bumped into many instances of “dog people” and people who frankly disliked cats, falling in love with a cat that they ultimately adopted perhaps …

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Is it normal to not like cats?

Circuitous degradation of the cat to human relationship

Of course, it is normal to dislike cats. It is normal for humans to hate cats sometimes. This is because it is normal for humans to do a lot of strange and/or extreme things. But disliking cats is not an extreme thing. It is just the way of things are because people have preferences. …

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Why are cats perversely attracted to people who dislike them?

Domestic cats might make a beeline for cat-phobic people because they are more passive than those who want interact with the cat but are strangers

Some people think that domestic cats, rather perversely, are attracted to people who don’t like them. And if this is true at least to some extent, it deserves an explanation. And the reason is probably fairly straightforward namely that in a room of people where one or two dislike cats and into which a …

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Cat jumps on imam during prayers at Ramadan and he carries on as normal

Cat sits on imam's shoulder while he delivers prayers

This is what I and anyone else would expect but it would not happen in a Christian church would it? I’ve seen cats at Chrisitan churches but not on a priest’s shoulders during a service! It is not uncommon for domestic cats to live in mosques. And clearly this imam is a cat lover …

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Man asks AITA for telling girlfriend to give her cats to a shelter. Response: YTA.

Man asks AITA for demanding that his gf gives up her cats if she lives with him

Scenario: This is about the impossibility of an ailurophile living with an ailurophobe! Man gets good job and wants to buy a house. His brother will live with him. Both hate cats. His girlfriend loves cats and has 2. He tells her that she will have to give the cats to a shelter if …

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Cat lover Pope Benedict XVI was misunderstood

Pope Benedict XVI and a black cat

Pope Benedict XVI was the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State from 19 April 2005 until his resignation on 28 February 2013. Joseph Ratzinger, a cardinal before it became Pope Benedict XVI, was an academic and philosopher. He chose to take the route of academia and then to …

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