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Cat Slaps Owner in Face with Claws Out. Why? — 6 Comments

  1. Maybe the cat didn’t like the pouting lips and read them as a challenge? Who knows. But she should either love the cat and put down the phone OR love her selfies and get rid of the cat.

  2. Someone is being an absolute idiot! I’m sure the cat communicated to the moron that she (or he) did not want to be a part of a selfie, but the person didn’t heed the cat’s warning! It took time to set up that picture, getting herself and the cat in the frame. I have 6 cats and none of them would be subjected to anything they were uncomfortable with(except a visit to the vet). She doesn’t deserve a cat! What a selfish ninny.

  3. The cat didn’t seem to like this person, whoever she was. Yeah something may have gotten the cat going before the video. Also, we couldn’t see all the the cat could see. There might have been something else the cat was swatting at like an ear ring? Nah, the cat landed that blow pretty deliberately.

  4. One look at that narcissistic, selfie obsessed, brainless human who has to get her self esteem from likes and shares by forcing her cat to be part of this tells me all I need to know. She deserves it, it is all about her, the cat clearly does not want to be a part of this. What is the obsession with this besides getting attention and human conceit? Baby dolphins died when selfish, jackass, clueless tourists passed it around endlessly for selfies. Should animals endure abuse and maybe even die for likes and shares? Should be ashamed.

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