What just happened? Cat attacks owner when it discovers her in a suitcase

cat attacks owner

This video will leave you wondering what just happened. A video quickly going viral on social media shows an owner being attacked as she’s playing a trick on her cat by jumping out of a suitcase. The cat can be … please continue reading

Amazing video of a VERY angry cat at the vet. A perfect example as to how a tame cat can be labeled ‘feral’ at the shelter.

angry cat

While this video was originally posted on YouTube on July 20, 2012, I was hooked from the start when I was snooping around the internet this afternoon. Please take 10 minutes out of your day to watch the video. You … please continue reading

Fearless domestic cat attacks Staffordshire bull terrier and owner (video)

Cat attack

The cat must have perceived a territorial threat and made a pre-emptive attack on both the dog and the owner simultaneously. The cat might have been a female defending kittens. It is extraordinary. The dog owner falls to the ground … please continue reading

If cats see us as “mama cats” or parents, then why do they hiss and attack us?

Agressive black cat

This is a reasonable question. Firstly cats see us as providers and surrogate mothers when being cared for or on occasions confusingly as kittens when bringing prey back to their owners’ home. They may be aggressive towards their owner for … please continue reading