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  1. Good day to you,
    Please could you assist, my friend has moved from a rather large house (big garden) to a smallish townhouse, she put her cats into a kennel whilst she was moving, when she got the cat’s home (to new home) on Friday evening both cats went completely crazy on Friday night, she thought is would just last the evening, when I spoke to her this morning she said they went crazy the whole weekend and she has now had to take them to a cattery. Is there anything she can do to calm them down? She is besides herself as she really does not want to get rid of them they are her family.
    I would appreciate it if you could give some advice.
    Many thanks
    Trish Armstrong
    My friend’s name is Debbie.

    • Hi Trish. I am not sure what you mean by “completely crazy”. Normally when cats are placed in a new home they are uncertain and hide and then gradually explore the place. They usually get completely used to it after about 6-9 months depending on the cat.

      So we are talking about cautious, anxious behavior. This is cured through patience and time. Providing play time and good food but not forcing things along. It will come right.

      If their behavior is manic and active but rather bizarre, it indicates something else is happening.

      Rather than speculate on the cause of that, Trish, could you please briefly describe what the behavior is? I’ll then give you my thoughts. For example, there may be something like catnip in the place or perhaps growing in the garden. Did the previous owner have cats?

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