Cat’s meow is a reflection of the kitten-to-surrogate mother relationship we have with them

Cat's meow

There are two very well-known biologists and cat behaviourists who, in my view, agree on this point which is that the domestic cat sees us as surrogate mothers. We don’t quite know how they really process their observations of us but in terms of their behaviour towards us it reflects a kitten-to-mother relationship. These …

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Why do Maine Coon cats cross their legs?

Maine Coon with crossed from legs

Yes, there is evidence on the internet from Maine Coon (MC) owners in photographs and videos that MCs like to cross their forelegs when resting. You see it all the time but you are less likely to see it in random bred cats. Well, it is very hard to produce a definitive and accurate …

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Cat licks your passive hand and then suddenly bites it hard. Explanation.

Cat bites hand

My conclusion from my discussion below is that domestic cats can get confused when they are licking their owner’s passive hand at a time when there is no petting and relate to the hand as food, perhaps a prey animal and bite it. It is an instinctive mental aberration brought about because of conflict …

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Cat vomits after meeting new baby for first time. Why?

Domestic cat vomits after meeting newborn baby for the first time

This is a slightly strange video. The cat’s behaviour certainly bemuses the male half of the couple who own the cat. He can’t believe it. It is believable. But why? My instinctive response without trying to research an answer is that it must be one of two reasons or both together: Smell (olfactory) – …

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My cat refuses to get on the couch or bed unless paper is provided to sit on. Why?

Cat needs to sit on a piece of paper when on the couch or bed

This is an interesting phenomenon which is discussed on the website. One of the users says that their cat refuses to go on the couch or bed unless there is a piece of paper on the furniture upon which he can sit as you see in the photograph. The $64,000 question is why? …

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Contrafreeloading and the domestic cat

Domestic cat uses an interactive puzzle feeder

“Contrafreeloading” is a made-up word. It was created by animal psychologist Glenn Jensen in 1963. Scientists like to make their use of language harder to understand. It means behaviour which is against “contra” freeloading which means to get something easily. In other words when behaviour is contrafreeloading it is behaviour that requires more effort …

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10 thoughts on how to make your cat less timid

Wallflower cat

I’m going to rely on Chapter 19 of Jackson Galaxy’s book Total Cat Mojo to answer the question in the title. Jackson calls timid cats “Wallflowers”. They are wallflowers because of their genetics, perhaps a lack of early years socialisation, threats in the environment or a combination of all these. This is a long …

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