Cats and dogs and other pets blessed by priest at festival of Francis of Assisi

Philippines: Cats and dogs were among the animals blessed by a priest with holy water sprinkled with great generosity outside a shopping centre in Quezon City to mark the festival of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and World Animal Day. The priest sprinkled holy water on more than 100 pets some of whom were in their Sunday best.

Pets blessed by priest
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Pets blessed with holy water by priest. Screenshot.

If you are a passionate believer in this and are a cat guardian you’re going to get a raw deal because judging by the heaving crowd it would be all but impossible to take a cat to the blessing. This event was for dogs really although there was one cat, a black one at 31 seconds in to the video below (and in the screenshot below the video)! Good on them both and I hope she did not find it all too stressful.

Cat blessed by priest in Philippines

Cat blessed by priest in Philippines

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