Chausie 2

The breed standard can be summarized as follows:  

Head – modified wedge, medium sized. Long sloping forehead with high angular cheekbones. Strong full muzzle and chin. Rounded whisker pads.

Eyes – Medium sized and slightly flattened and oval in shape. They are positioned just below “the outside edge of the ear”. The preferred eye color is gold or yellow. Hazel to light green is allowed.

Ears – These should be tall and fairly close together “on top of the head”. The base should be cornering the head and the ears should be at a slight outward angle. The ear should be fairly wide and the tip rounded. Ear tufts (“ear furnishings”) are preferred.

Chin –  Strong chin from profile (side view) and the front. Good bone structure.

Muzzle – In proportion to the cheekbones and length of the nose. Full whisker pads.

Nose – Medium wide and slightly wider at the eyes. Nose “leather” is convex and full.

Neck – Muscular and medium length/thickness.

Torso – Strong lean athletic muscular, balanced chest.

Legs – Moderately long, well muscled and medium bone size. Hind legs slightly longer than the front legs.

Feet – small and round.

Tail – 3/4 length (as for Jungle cat). Full length acceptable.

Musculaturelong and lean.

Boning – Medium see main page for more

chausie cat
photograph of Chausie Cat  Mafi  ©  Helmi Flick

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