King Tut at Big Cat Rescue – Savannah Cat or Chausie?

King Tut at BCR. F1 Chausie or Savannah?

King Tut is a wild cat hybrid. Big Cat Rescue (BCR) have decided that King Tut is a Savannah cat but they weren’t sure and they still might not be sure because his appearance, to me, is not a classic high filial Savannah cat appearance. And King Tut looks a little bit like a …

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Chausie Personality

Most cat owners would probably find the Chausie personality difficult if the cat is between F1 and F3 (first and third filial). The Chausie is a rare purebred cat. The breed is a wild cat hybrid. A cross between a jungle cat (a small African wild cat) and a domestic cat, probably a purebred …

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Melanistic Jungle Cat and Chausie

This is a nice comparison between a melanistic (black) Jungle cat and a melanistic Chausie in a single image. The Chausie is a rare wild cat hybrid and a cross between the jungle cat and the well known Abyssinian. I think, strictly speaking, the cross is usually the Abyssinian but it might on occasion …

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Chausie 9

This photograph demonstrates the jumping skills of the Chausie. She inherited these from the Jungle Cat, her wild ancestor. The Jungle Cat is is not particularly shy and hunts in daytime. They live near water and are good swimmers. Note: the Asian Leopard, the wild ancestor of the Bengal cat is also a good …

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Chausie – Photo of Keetah from the Willowind Cattery © Helmi Flick The photos below are thumbnails – click on them for lager images. They are all copyright Helmi Flick – please respect copyright.   Referring to the photographs above the middle two are of Willowind Mafi Mushkla, Mafi for short, from the Willowind …

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