Chausie 5

The Chausie has a coat that is ticked as seen in this photograph. Ticking is the different color bands on the hair shaft that gives a “salt and pepper” appearance (see cat coats tabby). You can also see the dark tip to the tail and faint banding on the hind legs. The body conformation is athletic much like the Bengal cat. The legs are long giving excellent leverage which gives this breed the capacity to jump very high vertically from a “standing start”.

The Chausie aims to meet the desire of some of the public to co-habit with a cat that has the appearance of a wild cat but the temperament of a domestic cat. Some people “own” Jungle Cats but the demands are obviously very high. The domestic cat that is crossed with the Jungle Cat to create this breed is usually the Abyssinian. This is because this breed has a similar appearance to the Jungle Cat (but is obviously smaller). At 12-18lbs the Chausie is a large domestic cat (see largest domestic cat breed)

chausie cat

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