Chausie 9

This photograph demonstrates the jumping skills of the Chausie. She inherited these from the Jungle Cat, her wild ancestor. The Jungle Cat is is not particularly shy and hunts in daytime. They live near water and are good swimmers. Note: the Asian Leopard, the wild ancestor of the Bengal cat is also a good swimmer and fish catcher. The high vertical leap of the Chausie is inherited from the Jungle Cat who catches birds from the air.

Jungle cats use abandoned burrows of other animals. Males are more concerned parents than the females. The male Jungle Cat barks somewhat like a dog. The Jungle cat has like other wild cats been “greatly persecuted”. International trade in this cat is regulated under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species – Appendix II). This wild cat though is not threatened.

chausie cat jumping

Photograph of Chausie Cat – copyright Helmi Flick.

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