Cinnamon Ocicat 21lbs

Cinnamon Ocicat 21lbs

by Pam
(London, ON Canada)

Just checking to see if a 21 lb desexed male Cinnamon Ocicat can lose some weight. He’s very active, with another male cat in the house. He eats 1/2 small can wet food per day with approx 1/3 cup of Nutrience dental formula dry food. He’s a big boy. He came to us at 3 yrs of age, already this weight. I don’t want him hungry all the time as he is very verbal and demanding. Help! I do have photos, just not on the computer.

Hi Pam, this is Michael..: I can understand your dilemma, my cat doesn’t eat much and is overweight (some would say obese but that is an ugly word! She is inactive, though). But your boy is active and eats what seems to be a normal amount (I feed a stray cat that eats 4+ sachets of food in one sitting! – more than my girlfriend in quantity). So if he eats properly and is active he shouldn’t be overweight – in theory.

Sometimes theory doesn’t fit fact. And sometimes I (personally) believe that cats do have their own body shape and natural weight. As humans we tend to want all our cats to be identical weighs and I wonder if, like humans, there should be a natural spectrum of weights. That said 21 lbs is big, as you say.

He seems content and so on. So I wonder whether he should be slimmed down (just a thought!). That said he may have a condition. But nearly all illness results in weight loss. If he is healthy (vet check?) then maybe his weight could be accepted? OK I’ve said my bit and got no answers. Over to someone else.

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Cinnamon Ocicat 21lbs

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Mar 21, 2009 Overweight Cinnamon Ocicat?
by: Helmi Flick

Your three year old Ocicat Neuter who weighs 21 pounds sounds gorgeous! But if he is hungry and demanding food “all the time,” he could have a tapeworm. I just found out that my cats did and they’ve been given the appropriate worming pill. I’ll be grateful when things settle down and get back to normal. πŸ™‚ Instead of a quarter can of wet food in the AM and another in the PM, I’m giving them a whole can each twice a day now. They’re hungry! And dry food is left out so they can “free-feed.” They’ve had two worming treatments as of two days ago and I’m just now beginning to see a slow down in their ravenous behavior (running ahead of me to beat me into the kitchen and then standing in position, waiting to be fed — everytime I walk from my photo studio toward the direction of the kitchen!). I would definitely ask your vet if worms are an issue.

Also consider that muscle weighs more than fat. But it’s not the weight of your Oci that concerns you but his ravenous behavior, right? Especially if he is active and not lethargic. I would ask a trained professional like your Vet or the Breeder. Have you contacted the Breeder for his/her opinion? Twenty one pounds seems heavy for an Ocicat, but they are one of the more muscled breeds, to me.

Good luck! And check out tapeworms on the web.


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