Customers miss their furry friendly bookstore cat

When a bookstore cat dies the regular customers know about it and they really miss him/her. Bookstore cats become an important fixture. This is because cats and bookstores go very nicely together and they make the place more homely.

Bob a bookstore cat in California
Photo: Recycle Bookstore
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As Jean Cocteau so correctly said, cats give homes a soul and I’d argue the same applies to bookstores which have a similar ambience to a home. Patrons get to know bookstore cats and expect to see him when they visit.

And this is what happened at Recycle Bookstore in Campbell, Santa Clara County, California, USA. Bob (‘Bob Newhart Cat’ is his full name), a handsome ginger tabby-and-white medium long-haired cat had made the store his home since 2010.

Stacy Carlon, who manages the store, said that her husband found Bob wandering around a store in Gilroy (believed to be the Gilroy Premium outlets in the Bay are) and decided to make him an active partner!

Bob became the official bookstore cat. The previous incumbent was called ISBN! Bookstores are already nice places to spend ten minutes browsing looking for a book that takes your fancy. If you throw into the mix some comfy sofas and a beautiful cat you are likely to boost your sales and give a cat a home. Library cats have a similar role.

Bob died in August. Bless him. I am sure he had a good life at the store and he made the lives of others a little better.

Source: various newspapers including

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  1. Another great article. I would just change the word at the end of the third sentence from “homely” to “homey”. 😉


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