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Declawing Kittens is 100% Wrong — 25 Comments

  1. Ruth you just stagger me sometimes I’m just so full of admiration with just how much you do for cats especially all your efforts to see de-clawing banned. You poster as always is spot on and people of all ages can understand that de-clawing IS 100% wrong just by looking at it.

    I like to imagine children seeing it and telling their parents ‘no no please don’t take our kitten to the vets to take his claws it will hurt him a lot; look let me show you this poster; it will tell you!’

    I wish as well that de-clawing is banned in America (and elsewhere) in your life time Ruth because for everything you do and see this is something you should be able to witness and rejoice in.

    • Thank you Leah, I just keep on hoping the pictures might sink in to the people who don’t take in the written words. I think you are right about children because they learn from picture books to begin with don’t they.
      We can only keep flogging on this way until declawing is banned…..

  2. There are many comments on facebook anti declaw groups about this article, I think a lot of people come to PoC but don’t leave a comment, the main thing is that the people who educate about the cruelty of declawing are sharing it and hopefully it will save more claws.

  3. Fantastic poster it doesn’t need words and I often share these posters because like others say they are simple,I think simple enough that even the thickest person can understand.
    I’m not thick I hope lol but I just skim over long articles with lots of facts or technical words as they don’t grab my attention like easy to read short and to the point ones like this one.
    I love seeing photos of cats as well.

  4. Another great poster and article very simple but hard hitting, how awful for individual cats that fate alone decrees where they end up and if they get fair treatment or not, and if they get to keep their toes or not. I’ve been involved in this campaign to get declawing banned in the USA for several years now and STILL I can’t get my head round the fact that people actually want to mutilate their cats/kittens, that they sit and coldly decide to have their toe ends removed, not because they are unhealthy but because they are inconvenient to the owner. When any of our cats have had to have procedures at the vets, neutering, or in the case of Walter sewing up a wound, or Popsy an anaesthetic for a chest xray, we’ve been frantic with worry before, during and after the day until we knew they had come safely through it. For someone to choose to put their companion through the pain, stress and horror of an elective major operation like this is beyond my comprehension. Some people blame the vets for pushing the procedure more than the owners, I don’t, anyone who takes a cat on is the person responsible for that cat and should make themselves aware of the consequences of any procedure offered/pushed by the vet BEFORE agreeing to it.

    • Thank you Rudolph, I always hope by keeping my anti declaw posters and articles as simple as I can that they will have more impact on pro declaw people and that they will remember the images next time they think about having a cat declawed.

  5. Yikes, didn’t mean that photo above to be so large. Michael, can you give guidance as to ideal pixel dimensions? PS told me it was 4″ wide, so I though that was okay. But seems like pixel dimensions may rule.

    • Hi VG, the best general size for pictures on PoC is probably a max of about 640 px on the shorter length but the website automatically reformats to the size of the comment box. I often have to rescale visitor photos because some are huge but that is OK. Smaller pics also upload much faster

    • THis is another version which is 500 px wide and the white balance is a little cooler. You may be able to adjust white balance on your camera. You can certainly do it with Photoshop for example.

      You take a damn good cat photo. This is another excellent cat photo of a gorgeous cat. Her ruff is amazing. I don’t think I have seen a bigger or better ruff in all the years I have been looking at ruffs πŸ˜‰

  6. Thanks, Ruth. Great poster.

    This is somewhat related, and prompted by what you said about cats needing their claws.

    I have to take Tootsie, my poly, to the vet for various reasons. I’ve asked that her claws be trimmed, because she won’t let me get near them. Last time around, I said “only trim the poly claws”. These can get ingrown, and cause problems- because the toes they are attached to are really not functioning toes, and claws can’t be shed in the normal way. I said “leave the other, regular claws intact”. Which they did.

    It had finally dawned on me that when Tootsie came back with all claws trimmed, she wasn’t able to dig into the cat towers with her usual vigor. It IS a major form of exercise for her, and she loves tearing into the cat towers. She loves the cat towers so much, she doesn’t bother with the furniture.

    I know that trimming cats’ claws is in no way comparable to declawing, but my observations with Tootsie started me thinking about this “claw trimming” thing. Why do people do it? Granted Tootsie may be unusual… and quick to learn not to claw the box springs, for example, with a little kind guidance. That was before the cat towers appeared. She loves them so much she will pretty much claw them on command (I love watching her do that) but of course doesn’t need my directions to use them whenever the mood strikes her.

  7. Thank you Ruth for putting the message out. Your poster is very strong and has plenty of impact. I think it looks fantastic on PoC. I know we have to keep going and conveying the message that declawing as an “elective surgery” is very wrong.

    It always amazes me that so many people believe it is acceptable. I can’t get my head around that. A cat’s claws are simply not a problem. They never have been a problem for me and everyone in the UK and the whole of Europe and all the world’s other countries except for two!

    Yet for millions of people in those two countries claws are a problem. It is about attitude.

    • Thank you Michael, it’s hard to keep on thinking up new angles to educate about declawing but as you say, we have to keep going and help to stop so many cats being legally abused by declawing.
      What a wonderful day it will be when no one needs to do this any more, I hope it’s in our lifetime.

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