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Do bobcats eat cats? — 4 Comments

  1. I just witnessed my 15lb domestic cat go nearly nose to nose with a very large bobcat, they were less than 2 feet apart. While my cat was growling and puffed up, the bobcat was not and at that distance could have easily killed my cat. It is not the first encounter my cat has had with bobcats and it usually ends with each staring at each other from afar.

    • Thanks for that. It’s what I’d expect. I’d expect these two species of cat to respect each other normally except under exceptional circumstances. From the bobcat’s point of view it’s foolhardy to try and attack an adult domestic cat because there is a chance of getting hurt and that may mean the gradual starvation of the bobcat.

  2. Cats aren’t a preferred morsel for a bobcat.
    Perhaps, out of desperation when rabbits, chickens, etc. are scarce, they may consume.
    A starving human has been known to consider that too.
    As for Jeff Duke, of Nuisance Wildlife Control and Removal, He can kiss my _ss!

    • I agree! He didn’t have to kill the bobcat! I had cats killed by coyotes & as upset as I was I didn’t go hunt them down for doing what’s in their nature. I learned a very hard lesson abt predators vs. house pets. It’s safer to keep domesticated animals indoors.

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