Do cats have belly buttons?

Yes, cats have belly buttons. Another word for belly button is ‘navel’. The domestic cat is part of the order Carnivora which includes 280 species of placental mammals of which the cat is one.

Placental mammals have belly buttons. So domestic cats have belly buttons. The question is: can we see it? I have just checked my cat (he was reluctant to cooperate) and it’s almost impossible to locate it. It is well hidden under fur. It is located just below the rib cage.

It must be much smaller and less visible than the human belly button. The belly button is where the umbical cord joined the body and therefore it is the remnants or the scar tissue of the umbilical cord. The umbical cord joins the unborn cat to his/her mother’s placenta.

In the cat – and I am referring to all cats both wild and domestic – during a natural birth, the mother cats cuts the umbical cord with her teeth just after the birth of her kitten and eats it (and her placenta). The video below is one I made many years ago showing a serval giving birth.

Do cats have souls? – read and see.

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