Instagram starlet “Winky” a dwarf cat with bulbous eyes and an expected halved lifespan

Winky looks like Lil Bub and has a projected very short lifespan due to her inherited health problems

OPINION: The news media online is writing about a bug-eyed cat who’s gone viral thanks to an uncanny resemblance to some A-list actors. Great fun. This cat, called ‘Winky’ has an Instagram account. It’s another example of a cat with a severe inherited health problem becoming a celebrity. RELATED: Munchkin Cat Breed Am I …

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If cats had opposable thumbs, they wouldn’t be cats!

If cats had evolved to have opposable thumbs they wouldn't be cats!

There is a brilliantly funny ad for Cravendale milk which was very successful, in which domestic cats rebelled against the human because he wouldn’t give them milk. All the rebellious cats had opposable thumbs and they behaved like humans. And that’s the point if you want to be serious about it. The cats became …

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Domestic cat reaction times are scarily fast compared to ours and most other animals (comparison table)

Cats have very fast reaction times which are 6 times faster than ours

The domestic cat as a top predator has a range of attributes to make killing and defense more efficient, one of which is their reaction times. They are so fast that they can catch a cat owner off guard sometimes. Many people have been scratched by a playful cat who rapidly reaches out with …

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5 small cats can make a living in the desert

Several small cats make a living in the desert some of which also live in cold climates.

Although there is only one true desert-living small cat, the sand cat, there are four other small wild cat species that can make a living in the desert: Pallas’s cat, bobcat, Andean cat and pampas cat. Bobcats occur in four deserts of North America. The bobcat has a very wide distribution which is why …

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You can tell the difference between tree and ground dwelling cats from their morphology

You can tell the difference between the three-dwelling cats and the ground-dwelling cats through their morphology which is their form and function.

All members of the cat family (Felidae) have an evolutionary desire to move vertically. It is part of their survival skill set but some cat species are described as ‘arboreal’ meaning they live in trees as much or more than living on the ground (terrestrial). Two of these species are the clouded leopard and …

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