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Do cats have the ability to smile? — 18 Comments

  1. I LOVE Walter and Jozef! I try to read everything on them even when I don’t have a chance to comment. I’m thinking of getting voice software to use with the computer so I can get more done. LOL.

  2. hi, i do believe they do as im sure tiger/suckles likes to do that often esp when he want suckling. u can actualy see his lips.. Or with the others when they are enjoying a nice pat or cuddles.

  3. Your cats are beautiful Elisa and yes some cats do look like they are smiling and why not when their brains are very similar to ours.

  4. A sleepy look for both of them. I woke them up. Oozy isn’t happy when I do this and Sealy did the tongue thing. They’re best buddies.

    • What a pleasure to see Sealy looking so good. You did amazing things for him Elisa.

      I think cats do smile. I think Michael is right in that they do all these things on a more subtle level, still noticeable to other cats perhaps but not humans. Either way – I think it’s important to learn these expressions to understand better your cat. I think to really see them smile it’s easier from the side so you can see the side of their mouth where it goes up to make a smile.

      Here’s my next question on this interesting subject.

      Do cats understand approximately our facial expressions. I wonder if when we smile they think we are in pain or some other thing because our facial expressions are so much more extreme. I often make silly faces at them but they know instantly I am not being serious.

      This is my theory – humans are so much more extreme and demonstrative in our expression. So much so we probably are like cartoons for cats. Humans are used to all of this and therefore not trained to the subtlety and nuance of cat expression and communication. So therefore we don’t know what we are communicating outside of our normal awareness. The way that cats can read us makes me think that on a more subtle cat level humans communicate and reveal alot about themselves. In other words the cat sees and understands us in a more immediate and direct way. Maybe if we could see the way cats do we would know a load more about the people around us as well as the cats.

      Just a thought.

      • They were SO sleepy in this one. Both had been curled up in the cage napping. Sealy takes lots of naps in his cage. He doesn’t care who sleeps with him, as long as they leave him room to stretch out.

  5. You can tell Oozy is smiling when you compare his photos with those where he was rudely awakened by yours truly. He looks sad in those. Here’s one made yesterday and he also has his own page at http://www.facebook.com/oozycat with a smiling album.

    He does look like the cat in the top photo. His eyes keep changing color. They appear green some days and gold on others.

  6. Good topic, Elisa. I am not sure but I favour the idea that cats do have expressions that are more subtle that human facial expressions. I believe cats can look depressed and if that is true they should be able to have an expression that tells us they are happy and content. This may produce a faint smile but the jury is out on that.

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