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Do cats understand if you accidentally step on their tail or paw? — 2 Comments

  1. I haven’t accidentally bumped or stepped on my cats, but when I have I immediately express apologies. So it depends on what you do immediately afterward. They do look for why things happen. I do see that they understand that because their reaction does seem to change from one of hurt to forgiveness. I can see it. They initially recoil then stop and come to me with head bowed down and let me pet them. There have been times when something accidentally happens and the cat just splits or keeps a little distance anyway, but that depends on the hurt and the cat. Some cats aren’t very forgiving or play it safe. I’ve had only one cat like that, but when she does decide I meant no harm she gives me a major second chance. All the rest of my cats understand accidents and apologetic behavior, which is akin to appeasement I think. I think if you talk to your cats a lot, they get your tone and intentions.

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