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  1. Please allow me to add, love makes us feel safe. Safe from society and the unknown. I know in my heart that my cat feels love, for he feels safe at home, or at the vet, with me.

    • Yes, nice point. It adds a warmth to our lives and a meaning. It is perhaps the most important aspect of our lives. But do cats even consider it? They don’t but they enjoy it.

  2. Funny you should begin with defining love, as best you (we) can. Haven’t we as a (domineering) species complicated the meaning?

    Within our own, love can be whimsical, mysterious, bitter or maybe jealous, cruel even.
    If only we were a little more deprived of our potential for an obsessive nature and our ego.

    We read, we study and imprint on what we see in our forms of media.

    I know one thing about my cat, and it is this: his habits, which are all endearing; and he knows mine, which I’m certain are not.

    Forgive me? I just watched one of if not the most endearing movies ever, titled “About Time,” on love. Please do see it. Disclaimer: no cats were included in the making of this film, except at heart.

    ginger tabby cat

    • Yes, I agree Caroline. I tried to answer the question in the title in a logical way and in doing so I had to try and define love because I had to ask if cats feel love. It is a tricky subject which I was not sure that I could do justice too. We have complicated the meaning, probably. Perhaps ‘love’ does not exist as we think it exists. It is perhaps just affection for another which leads to spin off emotions because humans need it to be reciprocated. Cats don’t. We place a lot of importance on love. Over egg it perhaps. The spiritual version of love – a deep, affectionate bond and understanding leading to mutual support – is truer I believe. I’ll see if I can watch About Time. It was a successful film and the screenwriter, Richard Curtis, has a superb reputation.

    • I have improved the quality of your photo and deleted the original. I see that you have a male ginger tabby. Is that correct?

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