Dog deliberately entertains cat companion with cat tease

This charming video caught my eye and my imagination because cat caregivers do not play with their cat enough in my opinion. I don’t blame them. It can be boring to trail a string around the living room for 10 minutes entertaining your cat and stimulating her mentally. But for many full-time indoor cats it’s all they’ve got to express their hunting desires within nature.

Dog entertains cat by deliberately trailing a lead like a cat tease along the ground
Dog entertains cat by deliberately trailing a lead like a cat tease along the ground. Neat. Screenshot.
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One solution that may appeal to a small minority of people who are caregivers to both a cat and a dog is to train their dog to entertain their cat which is what appears to have happened in this instance. Either that or the dog simply learned by observation to do what their owner does and bingo, the human has divested themselves of some of their responsibility to keep their cat happy.

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It is the first time that I’ve seen something like this. The video begs the question as to whether you could train a dog to do more than this. It also points to the fact that the dog is also getting something out of it namely exercise. And of course, it improves the bond between cat and dog. Nothing but good can come out of this.

You just have to know how to train your dog. Training a dog would seem to be an absolute necessity for any dog owner. Dr. Bruce Fogle DVM states that training your cat should also be a necessity too. It happens naturally anyway and mutually so why not formalise it and train your cat to do one or two things to both improve their lives and yours.

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