Dog Owners Have More Sex Than Cat Owners (But Who Gives a Damn)

Yep, it’s out, the shocking news that dog owners have more sex than cat owners at around 3 times per week. Big deal to be honest. Sex is overrated anyway. It’s all hyped up and we can’t saying anything bad about it but I am.

The VetPlus survey which came to this conclusion did not explain why or at least the reporting of the survey on an online newspaper does not enlighten us as to why dog owners have more sex than cat owners.

However, the reason is probably the obvious one: more men are dog owners than cat owners and more women than men are likely to be cat owners.

Therefore we have to conclude that men are more interested in sex than women! Or is that a flawed deduction?!

Cat owners are often single women who are less interested in sex and more interested in more important things. I’ll guess and say that married heterosexual men are more often dog owners with their spouse, or they are single men for that matter. Their situation and mentality is more conducive to being interested in sex it would seem.

There it is: the big news. The non-news. Yadda-yadda…boring. As I said, sex is overrated. There is peer pressure and idle gossip about it. Sex is wrapped up in all kinds of male and female psychology too complex to attempt to discuss here but ultimately it is about procreation. That is why it is pleasurable. People are driven to seek the pleasure of it and thereby procreate.

That was fine thousands or millions of years ago but today we need less people on the planet not more because wildlife including the beautiful wild cats are being persecuted and their habits destroyed in the name of human population growth and increased commercial activity.

You see, I knew I could weave both domestic and wild cats into an article about sex…..

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5 thoughts on “Dog Owners Have More Sex Than Cat Owners (But Who Gives a Damn)”

  1. Cute article.
    Although I agree with the cat/woman and dog/men preferences, I believe that cat owners would, actually, have more time to engage in activities since cats are very independent and good at entertaining themselves.
    But, because of the gender preferences, I guess the interest in sex for cat lovers is much lower than dog lovers.

  2. The good news…I am a Dog owner, the bad news… I seem to be missing out on something somewhere. I have a cat too so surely I should be in clover. Or based on a survey of 1 I conclude if you have a cat and a dog intimacy is in short supply.

  3. Michael, a rather amusing post!! But I have to agree with Kevin. I don’t have a lot of health issues, but I hate the drama associated with a relationship — plus, my cats and son come first. . . I so love being single and not dependent on anyone but myself — no one to answer to — except the cats (MOL). . . I come and go as I please, sleep when I want, play computer games, and concentrate on my work as well. . .and I don’t miss it!! (sex that is). . . ♥♥♥

  4. Thanks for the good laugh Michael ? Personally speaking, I really don’t give a hoot about sex. I have too many health problems. Also, I enjoy being single anyway because I don’t have to deal with all the drama that comes with human companionship.
    I’m sure most people would beg to differ, but I speak from experience.
    Anyway, do the people that conduct these surveys have anything better to do ?


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