Dylan the Fundraising Cat: An Update

By Dylan

Well hello there again my feline loving friends – it’s seems to have been a while since my last article, so I hope you all had a good Christmas and new year and now Spring is just around the corner! I cannot begin to tell you how much I am sick of this wet weather I mean I am not really made to pose in rain! So loving the sunny spells we have recently been having.

“Hoping I can pack my winter scarf away soon”
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Well, Danielle at Ark on the Edge has been filling me in on the goings on at the Ark and my gosh – they have been busy. Over 30 fellow felines found homes in January – that is almost one cat a day in their forever homes!!! Way a go guys!!

But for some bad news, Ark have seen a big increase in the number of pregnant cats coming into rescue recently – currently at Ark there is Molly who has 4 three week old babies and Maisey who is heavily pregnant 🙁 Neuter people!! How much more can we take!

As much I know you all love the Ark, this is about me!!!!!

My first job of the new year was socialising a new foster guest – a lovely lady cat called Suzy, although its taking a little longer than usual as Suzy doesn’t really like being picked up or handled – but I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED – if anyone can get through to gorgeous Suzy – it will be me.

In my last article, you met Savannah, who I helped socialise before finding her forever home – she is loving her new home and I do so love seeing pictures of my feline successes.

Savannah in her new home

I had another weigh in (yes, the diet is still on going – honestly if the Hills metabolic food wasn’t so damn tasty I’d be quite miffed). And guess what, I lost another 100 grams – getting their slowly – here I am having my measurements taken – Hey, you never know when you need a tuxedo.

Make sure you get the tape measure right there, Gabby

Hills science plan food even sent me a fish shaped food bowl (think they feel guilty at overlooking me for pet of the month! Hehehe) And yes, I still eat at a height – stops me rushing my food.

mmm tasty treats

I had a bit of rest after Christmas after my hectic schedule before the festive period; so thought I would pop into my local newspaper office, just to make sure that they hadn’t forgotten about me and to just say a general hello.

Wouldn’t catch me wearing pink like that pigeon!

And my diary is soon filling up again – I will be fundraising at pets at home store in bishop Auckland for a couple of weekends in March for Ark on the Edge – I love the attention I get on my days out – so I hope to see you there.

Until the next time – much love and feline paw hugs

Dylan xxxx


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