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Egyptian Mau Belly Flap — 4 Comments

  1. Great info….could this trait which my female (heinz 57 varity) also has be to help protect their vital organs during a fight since they fight with their back feet? This would have been useful hundreds of years ago like so many other things. Thankyou

    • Hi Phyllis. The belly flap might also protect vital organs but I have not read conclusive evidence about that. Someone may have suggested it. Whereas the belly flap as a way of enhancing speed does make sense and it is generally accepted. Thanks for commenting and asking Phyllis.

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  3. My 2yo mau, Ma’at, Is remarkably athletic-she’ll jump from the floor up to perch behind me on the back of my wheelchair and will ride along when I wheel about. She’s such a mama’s girl! I’ve noticed she has hyper mobile joints, and in combination with the extra skin, she can extend her body in a way that is remarkable. If you hold under her front legs (kind of in her kitty armpits) and at her knees when her legs are extended, she makes a sort of bowl shape. I think this flexibility contributes to her athleticism.
    Great post! I’m glad to know she’s not a freak of nature-I’d never seen a cat do some of the things she can!

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