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  1. My vet says my cat might be an Egyptian Mau mix. I know she isn’t a purebred but just wondering if she might be. She has striking almond shaped green eyes. Sorry for the bad picture but she is fast. She darts all over the place, leaping from the chair to the floor to the next chair and rarely stops

    • In truth it is probably more likely that she is a lively and athletic random bred tabby with an Egyptian Mau appearance. I don’t think there are any Egyptian Mau mix cats. There is no point in creating them. What that phrase means is a cat with a similar appearance to the Egyptian Mau, which is essentially a tabby cat refined by selective breeding. In Egypt you’ll see them in the street. Thanks for commenting. Your photo did not upload but I can guess what she looks like as I have been asked this question before. There is a page on this specific topic:

      Is my cat part Egyptian Mau? Take care.

  2. I am in the process of adopting a 1 year old cat rescued from the shelter. She is a beautiful, long, lean, and graceful looking cat. I have been told she is a mix of Egyptian Mau and exotic shorthair with distinct tabby striping. I would post a photo but could not find that option.

    • Hi Jacki, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately there is no photo upload form on this site at the moment but you can upload the picture to another site like Flickr or Picasaweb and then link to it (these sites give you the code for that). Or just send email me the picture. If you want to write about your cat you can email me and attach a picture. My email is mjbmeister[at]gmail.com. Change the [at] for @. Your cat sounds lovely.

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