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Egyptian Mau — 5 Comments

  1. I am in the process of adopting a 1 year old cat rescued from the shelter. She is a beautiful, long, lean, and graceful looking cat. I have been told she is a mix of Egyptian Mau and exotic shorthair with distinct tabby striping. I would post a photo but could not find that option.

    • Hi Jacki, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately there is no photo upload form on this site at the moment but you can upload the picture to another site like Flickr or Picasaweb and then link to it (these sites give you the code for that). Or just send email me the picture. If you want to write about your cat you can email me and attach a picture. My email is mjbmeister[at]gmail.com. Change the [at] for @. Your cat sounds lovely.

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