Ella Eyre’s Cats

Ella Eyre’s cats are beautiful and they are purebred. They are described as Exotic Shorthairs. These are the shorthaired variant of the modern, flat-faced, Persian cat. She has two, Frank and Eddie. She calls them her boys. Eddie looks more like a Persian cat to me because he has longish hair. Frank appears to have shorter hair.

Ella Eyre's Cats
Ella Eyre’s Cats. Photo: Ella’s Twitter Feed
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Ella Eyre has taken the music world by storm and impressed the Celebrity Bake Off judges. However, she keeps her feet on the ground by looking after her beloved cats. They are certainly very well treated. She had a chauffeur-driven Mercedes take her boys to a boutique cattery (a boarding cattery). She was about to go away on a gig. Normally her mother looks after her cats when she is away. However on this occasion she was off to Abu Dhabi to perform at the Formula 1 event and her mum is a big motor-racing fan so she was going with her. This meant that Frank and Eddie had to be looked after by somebody else.

When Ella Eyre is at home with her cats they are very well loved and looked after. Normally the boys live most of the time with her mum as Ella is often on tour. The past six months they’ve been living with Ella because her mum is moving nearer to her daughter. Just around the corner, in fact.

Ella Eyre's Cats
Ella Eyre’s Cats. This is Frank


“I met Frank and Eddie four years ago. I had just split from my boyfriend and decided a cat would be great company-I had wanted one my whole life.”

Frank and Eddie were adopted four years ago. She bought them from a breeder. She had wanted cats all her life. She had planned to adopt one cat. However, she saw this “ugly little kitten”. He’s Eddie. She adopted him because she was worried that nobody would want him. She says that he has “certainly grown into his looks now”. Frank seems to have a breathing problem as his tongue is always out. Flat-faced cats have certain inbuilt health issues.

Soon after she adopted her cats she brought out her debut album. It is appropriately named “Feline”. The name was inspired by more than her cats. One reason is that her hair is like a lion’s mane she’s been told. And she loves cats generally. Eddie features on the album sleeve. He’s lounging next to Ella on a “very decadent bed”.

Ella Eyre says that cats have an energy which is quite human-like. She can tell what their thinking. They have quiet confidence and she loves their paw placements which she describes as “very strong and precise”. She describes Eddie as a beauty queen and more chic than Frank and a bit of a diva.

Ella Eyre’s cats have an Instagram account

Both Frank and Eddie have Instagram pages with 3000 followers (@forfredssake). I can tell that Ella is a very concerned cat caretaker. Ella Eyre’s cats are very well looked after. Ella Eyre’s cats get plenty of fresh air. Ella does not have a garden but she has a secure roof terrace where they spend time being cats.

She wanted them to experience nature so she bought them a grass planter which sits by a windowsill. They like to chew on it. However, Ella Eyre’s cats are mostly indoor cats. She has to find ways to mentally stimulate them.


“Their new favourite toy is a real basic toy-it’s essentially a piece of wire with a couple of bits of cardboard attached to the end.”

Ella spends time on the Internet looking for and ordering weird and wonderful cat toys from Japan. She’s tried a laser pen which her cats got used to and are perhaps bored with. The new favorite is a simple toy. It’s made of a piece of wire with a couple of bits of cardboard attached to the end. They love it. She attaches it to her trousers and walks around the house. Her cats follow excitedly.

When Frank and Eddie are at Ella’s mum’s they enjoy roaming around her garden. They don’t roam far but Eddie got lost once. He was missing for six days. He got caught in a hedge trying to tunnel underneath it. He made his way home about a week later.

Once her mother moves around the corner she plans to let Eddie and Frank be with her most of the time where they can enjoy the freedom of her garden. Ella Eyre says that she will miss her cats but she will be there to visit as often as possible. She prefers cats to dogs.


“Sometimes you don’t know they are there because they are off doing their own thing. Then they will take you by surprise-greet you at the door or come and sit next to you when you’re on the toilet. When you win a cat over and get past their confident exterior, being honoured with their affection, it is so rewarding.”

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