For the Love of My Savannah Cat Boys

by Deborah-Ann Milette


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I write this for the Love of My Boys and to offer some tips that I hope might help. I am not new to the legalities and misconceptions of old, recent and planned animal banning laws that are affecting particular feline enthusiasts across the USA.

So far I have had encounters with Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and recently New York. I deliberately moved out of these areas to save my cats; Motzie and Peanut.

One thing I sincerely want to impress about established laws and laws in the works is that the so called "Grandfathering" does NOT work unless you have political, animal control or DEC connections.

Recently, (heck July of 2009 to be exact) New York DEC (Dept of Environmental Conservation) received a complaint that A1 Savannahs Matanah Me Al aka "Motzie" was mean and aggressive!

Neighbors informed me that the questioning by DEC was in the form of entrapment to say he was mean and aggressive. No matter who they spoke to, to include the owners of the 45 acre of 380
apartments complex, Motzie was called "a very gentle cat, the best behaved animal and an enjoyment when he visited the rental office.

What you can do to help yourself IF invaded by the authorities:

1.) NEVER let Animal Control, DEC anyone in your home without a warrant. They come to your door, use the excuse that you have to answer your phone and "leave the authorities outside." The minute they enter you have given them the right to "confiscate." Call the STATE POLICE not the locals, they tend to work hand-in-hand.

2.) Always have an escape plan, if the authorities show up, no warrant, you have that night to move the animals.

3.) Have a lawyer, call immediately, at night, leave an emergency message during the day, inform it is an extreme emergency.

4.) Stand your ground, make them prove what you own, NEVER give any breeding papers to prove anything. Also demand a copy of the law that gives them the right they think your animal is illegal FAX to your lawyer.

5.) IF you have or receive a cat in a state where they say it is illegal and you checked, keep the phone record, name of individual you spoke to who gave you the OK and put in a safe place (warrants allow a full search for anything.)

I want people to know that for the love of my boys I upped and moved for the third time (this time w-a-y too far from family) to Oklahoma where I checked and double checked to see if Motzie and Peanut were legal, they are.

I may have lots of distance from my so-called biological family but Motzie, Peanut and myself have found the best feline families here in Oklahoma and Texas thus far, for once it is wonderful to be part of the "cat world" without so much effort.

Motzie & Peanut are the love of my life, we have such a well established trust that I know they give to me from the heart. IF anyone asks why I would just up and move for 2 cats - I owe them for what they have given me.

For the love of my boys, Deborah-Ann Milette Date: Thu, Jan 7, 2010 7:46 pm For the Love of My Savannah Cat Boys to Savannah Cats

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For the Love of My Savannah Cat Boys

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Nov 27, 2010 I so commend you for what you did...
by: Lorena

Your baby is beautiful. Too many backwoods laws...too many people trying to be "boss." The animals are the ones that suffer in the long run. This is such a beautiful and majestic breed. I have rescued cats/kittens from high kill shelters for years - so I absolutely adore cats. Unfortunately, I live in Georgia? Enough said? ๐Ÿ™‚

Jun 28, 2010 My Cat
by: Christine Wilson

Chingo F3 Savannah

What can I say----he is magnificent, sweet, playful, loving and gets along best with my 65lb dog Jake.

Jan 13, 2010 savannahs
by: kathy

Im forwarding this article to my Savannah breeder, I think he might find it interesting, Thanks K.

Jan 12, 2010 "Savannah Cats"
by: Rudolph.A.furtado

"Motzie" has attained cult status , thanks to your unbelievable efforts to get the "Savannah Cat" a legal status amongst pet owners in the U.S.A.
Rudolph avatar

Jan 12, 2010 Upset
by: Michael

I understand the upset and sacrifice that you have gone through, fighting the authorities and moving far away where your boys are safe. I sympathise.

Your post is a little controversial (and this is not a criticism) because it advises people who might be on the wrong side of a controversial law, as to how they might avoid prosecution or to make it more difficult. That might be a problem. However, I think that it is OK to publish.

A bit of controversy is not a bad thing sometimes. I hope that you and the cats are keeping well in Oklahoma.

Michael Avatar

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