Savannah cat (comprehensive article)

Note: this article is divided into sections as it is quite long. At the end of each section there is a link to the next. Thanks for you patience.

With Kathrin and Martin Stucki’s assistance, I have made all the videos on this page including the one above, which is my favorite. It shows Andreas Stucki the 6-year-old son (at 2009) of Martin and Kathrin Stucki in complete harmony with the world’s tallest domestic cat, F1 Savannah cat MAGIC a beautiful female cat of massive presence. See it in large format here: A Close Relationship Between Cat and Boy.

Another one of my favorites is the one below, showing the athleticism of MAGIC, don’t miss it! You can see it in large format: MAGIC waking up Andreas magically.

MAGIC is from A1 Savannahs. She is a 16 month old (at the date of this video – early Sept. 2009) spayed f1 female. Her daddy is a Serval. Her Mommy is a Savannah cat. My thanks to Martin & Kathrin Stucki for providing the video material.

You can see it and lots more on my YouTube channel in large format: PoC YouTube Channel (71 videos at June 2010 – new window).And you can see MAGIC in another large video format here: F1 Savannah Cat MAGIC. See videos of Martin and Kathrin on this page here. MAGIC (Scarlett’s Magic) is the Guinness World Records world’s tallest pet cat (at Sept. 2009).

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  1. je parle FRANçais je voudrais vous demandez si c’est un savannah même malade je suis prête a le soigner au vétérinaire en france et l’adopté sa serai avec un plaisir si vous pourvez l’envoyais en france avec un carnet de vaccin et la prise en charge du transport envoyé moi un message sur mon mail

  2. In my Vietnam-my country, marble cat species are in danger of being exctinct because of the appetite for exotic animal meat in restaurants. I want to collect and sell some cats to foreigners in order to save the rare species. If you want to buy, please contact with me via email Thank you.

    • Hi there, thank you for commenting. Are you saying that people in Vietnam eat the Marble Cat? I know that Vietnamese people eat stray and domestic cats and dogs but it seems strange that they eat this very rare wild cat species.

      Do you think that “collecting” and selling individual Marble Cats to people the West will help to protect the species? I don’t think it will. This is because firstly you are removing the cat from the environment in which it was born. And secondly you’re transporting the cat to the west which may kill the cat and thirdly the person looking after the cat might not be able to do it properly. Also captive cats do not do well. And zoos are not very good either. Captive cats in zoos have a poor life and often a short life. I don’t think your proposal will work and I don’t think that it is a good idea either. Sorry to say that. The best way to try and ensure the protection of the small wild cat species is to ensure that they have sufficient space in which to live. That means protecting their habitat. It also means protecting the prey that they live on.

    • Hi Stephen, there is a credit on the video at the end. It is online. Check out the end of the video and then use Google to search. Good luck. Thanks for liking the videos.

  3. I can’t believe the laws being passed banning the savannah god we have a F3 by breeders word but The TICA rates her a 5 gen.she is 6 months old and she is the sweetest,smartest,most active cat I’ve ever seen.she sits on the sink when I shave or wash up and has to be part of it..I brush my teeth and I have to do hers,,yes same brush or she won’t do it..I wet her hair down when I do mine..she comes when called,know what no meansand tries already to open doors,,draws no problem..I live in. NY state and I’m pissed they won’t allow a F1 or to a vet is amazed at this cat..1st he even heard of them..they are the best cat I’ve had ever seen.AND THEY R BAND..COME ON..THAT’S OUR POLITICIANS FOR US..THEY DON’T KNOW CRAP AS USUAL BUT TRY TO CONTROL OUR WHOLE WAY OF LIFE


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