Funny Cats Photos

Funny Cats Photos

by Michael

More Fun More Violence

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More Fun More Violence

Funny Cats Photos is a search term. People are looking for the classic photos of funny cats. And there was a time, perhaps it still exists, when funny cat photos were very popular. There are whole websites built around them and there are millions of videos on them. I used this search phrase in YouTube today 4th Jan 2010 and played the top video that the searched produced. Then I selected three photos from the video, more or less at random and created a screen shot and then a collage of the photos:

These are typical of this genre of photograph and it occurred to me that all three are depictions of violence. Maybe of no significance, I don't know. They are also not that funny to be honest and one is arguable blasphemous - disrespectful in that regard too. I believe that the fad will pass in time.

I am going to be the biggest pain in the backside and just ask (no more), whether the funny cat pic. is just a little sick. Or to put it another way, are they a little disrespectful of our cat companions?

And I know I am being horribly politically correct and a bit of a curmudgeon but I still think I am right to ask the question.

I actually like the funny cat pic to a point. A lot of them are cats in clothes. I am not a fan of cats in clothes. It is making fun out of cats for our amusement. OK, they are just cats aren't they? Yes, but what is "just a cat"? We are only now discovering that our concepts and prejudices about animals are out of date. They are often smarter than we think. The dolphin is one such animal. It is probably the second most intelligent animal in world after us (mind you I don't see much intelligence in the human race a lot of the time). There are calls to treat the dolphin on equal terms to us.

Now I like that. The world is moving a bit closer to the way I want it; where we see animals as equals sharing the planet. I don't think cats mind being in clothes except that it is a bit uncomfortable and cats don't feel humiliated by us laughing at them but (another but) it does seem to reinforce the wrong attitudes towards other animals generally and the domestic cat in particular.

The other classic funny cats photo is of a cat doing something normal from the cat's point of view but which we find funny or make funny by adding clever captions.

If we did that persistently to other humans someone would become upset. Can cats be upset? Yes, but not by that kind of thing. But I feel a bit uneasy about it. Or am I being over sensitive and silly?

I like to think that many people need to adjust their approach towards the cat and this is not a criticism. If we treat cats in the same way we are meant to treat other people there would be much less abuse of cats. There would be no declawing of cats. And the mentality that finds the funny cat picture funny is somewhat similar to the kind of mentality that says, "cats are only cats" (i.e. we can do as we please with the cat).

There is also an age divide in relation to funny cat photographs. I believe that it is mainly a young person thing. The majority of YouTubers are not young people (over half are in the age bracket 35 - 64 apparently) but it is young people who find the funny cat pic. funny.

It's a bit of casual fun and why not? Personally, though, I would prefer to see a more serious and respectful approach to the cat as it would benefit the cat and that is my overriding concern.

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Aug 20, 2010
cruelity to animals.
by: Anonymous

When did cruelity become humor and to 'what kind'of people?

Jan 09, 2010
The Italien dress
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

When in Florence this summer, in a pet shop window I saw a little pink dog suit complete with silver embroideries, pearls, rhinestones and all.

pink dog suit

Very much in the style preferred by the mothers of some 5yo princesses.
I jokingly suggested to my wife that we should buy this fancy Italian dress and bring it home for our own princess, Snow White. And for the rest of our stay she watched over me, that I didn't sneek out and buy it. 😉
As some of you may remember, Snow White is a mature, slightly chubby moggie. She deserves the best - but that does Not include being dressed up just for our amusement.
Of course I didn't buy that dress - cats too should be allowed some dignity.

Finn Frode avatar

Jan 04, 2010
Leave them some dignity
by: Barbara

The saddest thing is seeing cats (or dogs) dressed up as humans or anything else. And those stupid digitally enhanced pictures also make me mad, kittens don't fight with swords or do 99% of the other things people make them do by adding to pictures, everyone is obsessed with making cute or humourous pictures of cats and the news from me is that they are not funny!
I hate that picture of the kitten with a green helmet made out of a fruit skin that is all over the Internet, the cat looks sick as a parrot and who can blame him?
Lets cats be cats and have their dignity, let dogs not have to wear stupid sunglasses and hats and be mini humans, in fact let the human race grow up a bit and not be so damn stupid!

Barbara avatar

Jan 04, 2010
rant rant
by: Ruth

I hate those pictures, I hate to see cats dressed in clothes and I hate video clips showing cats in distress while stupid people can be heard laughing in the background. Such as bathing cats, a no no anyway, why do people treat cats as if they are babies ? They are cats, they like being cats,they don't want to be humans, they come with the neccessary tools to keep themselves clean, they don't need bathing unless too dirty to clean themselves.But some people think it's amusing to hold the wriggling meowing cat under water while someone else films it.
Cats don't need clothes, they come fully clothed,they are not toys like a dolly to dress up !And don't get me started on strollers, trapped in a box on wheels and paraded about, looking out at a world they can't join in and enjoy.
I'm totally with you Michael, people should respect cats and let them enjoy being cats, claws and all !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 04, 2010
Thanks Jan
by: Michael

Thanks Jan. I do stick my neck out a bit so it is nice to get a reassuring voice from someone who I respect.

I feel that there is no point just regurgitating the same old bland stuff.

Jan 04, 2010
Not funny
by: Jan Plant

Funny is not,
for me dressing an animal of any type in clothes.When I questioned a friend for dressing her cat in a baby outfit,"Would you where that?" Of course she responded"Well,no".I then asked"why would you think the cat would then?" okay,know it's a bit over the top.There's a difference between cute and what some perceive as funny.And as usual Michael,you've said it all.Thanks!

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