“12 cat breeds with the longest lifespans”. True or false?

Cat breed lifespans?

I am not going to provide you with a list of the “12 cat breeds with the longest lifespans”. You came here for that list but it can’t exist despite what you see on the Internet. This post is a criticism of those websites. There are many websites jumping on this bandwagon. It is …

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85 percent of companion animals in India are homeless

India has a large number of stray cats

It’s interesting to compare the percentage of homeless cats and dogs against the total population of these animals in various countries. It tells us about the quality of pet caretaking in those countries. And on this page, I also present added information as provided by the State of Pet Homelessness Index for which I …

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All About Cats: 50 Cat Facts

Cat facts

by Alice (USA) Well, here are some awesome cat facts! Enjoy!! 1) The love of cats is known as Ailurophilia. 2) A cat takes 20 to 40 breaths a minute. 3) A cat’s urine gleams under black light. 4) Humans have 30 vertebrae less than cats. 5) Stroking a cat relieves stress. 6) A …

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Cat Info Titbits 2

Cat info

There are 100 unpublished draft articles in PoC archives. Some are years old. They remained unpublished for all kinds of reasons such as they were duplicated articles, incomplete, deemed uninteresting or perhaps inaccurate or too controversial and so on. Yet when I skim through a random selection of some of them they don’t look …

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Bobcat Kittens Growing Up Timescale and Details

In North America some people search for bobcat kittens to adopt and treat as domestic cat companions. This page is about bobcat kittens in the wild, from conception to independence. Sadly, a lot of the studies about bobcat reproduction comes from the study of dead bobcats! Yes, sounds horrible but true. These are females …

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