George Lost At Edmonton Airport Not Dead!


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George the cat, who was lost at Edmonton International and later reported as found frozen to death, may still be alive. News released on December 2 stated the cat found frozen to death may have looked like George, but was female.

Here's the link to my original story done on George. It details how George, owned by Vanessa Summerfield, managed to escape his carrier two different times and nothing was done to repair his carrier after the first escape.

In a story published Wednesday, November 30 by Fort McMurray Connect, a black and white cat had been seen around the airport. Air Canada employees thought George was the cat found frozen as they had a photo of him and knew what he looked like.

It's still unclear who made the final decision it was George. It shouldn't have been too difficult determining the difference between an adult male cat and an adult female cat.

CBS news has been contacted Friday night as well as the Edmonton Sun and Fort McMurray Connect newspapers in an effort to publicize the mix up.

I find it very sad this poor female kitty who lost her life hasn't been missed by a loving family. May she be wrapped in peace and warmth on the Rainbow Bridge.

One good thing about this not being our George, other than the fact George may still be alive, is the media attention. Once again the airlines are being thrown into the spotlight about pet safety while flying.

Finding George is crucial, as the temperature in Edmonton is below freezing. I looked up the weather forecast for Edmonton online. The next several nights will reach a low in the teens, with the coldest being 6F. Degrees predicted for Tuesday. The high for the next several days will only reach 40F. with snow showers predicted over the weekend and the first of next week.

The Fort McMurray Connect had an article online dated November 30th stating George had been found. This article mentioned another black and white cat had been seen in the area. I hope that's George and that Air Canada will step up search efforts this weekend until George is found. .

So far, it's uncertain who to blame for the mix up in identifying the poor kitty who froze. Let's all wish Vanessa Summerfield and her dear cat George are reunited soon.

We should also keep the poor unknown kitty who died cold and alone in our thoughts and do all we can to strengthen airline safety for our pets. Jack and this recent kitty must not have died in vain.

I personally feel I'll start screaming if I find myself reporting on another cat lost by the airlines case.


P.S. This story was written just as word was coming across Facebook that George was still alive.

Here's the link so you can all stay updated on the progress (update: Nov 2016 link broken sorry).

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George Lost At Edmonton Airport Not Dead!

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Dec 03, 2011
Cages and such
by: Janet Van

The problem isn't necessarily with the cages or owners.

When you have airport personnel tossing the cages, or things bumping into them, or employees who open the cages for whatever reason, and gods only know what happens on the plane itself in cargo holds ... at the very least, the airlines ought to set standards and not let any animal on if the cage doesn't meet those standards. But a regular person isn't necessarily going to know that. It would be interesting to know what that pets-only airline does because from what I know, they've never lost or killed an animal in transit.

Dec 03, 2011
by: Elisa

The airline is saying the cage piece was broken. That may or may not be true. If it is true, something should have been done about it. As for the other black and white cat, not sure if sightings were inside or out. If I were searching I'd check near dumpsters where food is disposed of. I just hope they find him because its worse than freezing there now.

Dec 03, 2011
Are you sure....?
by: Mary

Are you sure that the lost cat is outside? I'm sure you know that the previous cat was found inside.

Dec 03, 2011
Partly responsible
by: Michael

I don't want to be a wet blanket but doesn't Vanessa Summerfield take some of the responsibility for this? Or maybe I have it wrong.

Doesn't the customer provide the carrier and wasn't the carrier defective?

Dec 03, 2011
Please note
by: Elisa

I have a bad case of the flu, so please forgive me if this article not up to par with previous writing. I felt it was urgent to get the word out so George can be found.

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