Lost Airline Cat Dead

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Readers, it is with deep regret that I must report another lost airline cat is dead after being mishandled by an airline. His name was George and he was found frozen to death on the grounds of Edmonton International last week.

George the cat is the latest victim to die while in the care of a major airline. On September 23, George landed on an Air Canada flight from Fort McMurray to Edmonton International located in Leduc County near Alberta.

He escaped his kennel once upon arrival and the staff were able to catch him and put him back in his carrier. After a second escape he was lost. Air Canada reported a key bolt in the door of his carrier was missing and this caused the initial escape.

Angela Mah, Air Canada spokesperson, stated George had been spotted several times since his escape and food and water were put out for him. The Leduc area was notified of his escape and flyers with his picture were placed around the terminal by Air Canada staff.

Vanessa Summerfield made a statement to CBS news "To know that the poor cat, like he froze to death, is just heartbreaking. I personally think something should be done about that," Summerfield said. "I'm going to look more into it. Right now it's not my biggest concern. My concern is to know, and figure out, what I'm going to do with George. I would love for this to never happen to anybody else, ever again."

Here's a link to a video produced by MSN. http://video.ca.msn.com/watch/video/missing-cat-found-dead/16axwcwad?src=v5:share:permalink: (this might not show the video in non-USA areas).

I had hoped the different airlines who fly pets had learned a thing or two after the tragedy with Jack. How many cats must give their lives before pets are considered a part of the family instead of "cargo?"

The article I wrote on the GPS tracking device collar for cats would have prevented both of these needless deaths.

The initial escape of George may not have been the airlines fault since there was a damaged part to the cage. But don't you think once he was placed back in the carrier someone should have made a quick repair? I imagine duck tape or a large plastic tie would have temporarily fixed the problem.

Didn't Jack's story cross the minds of any of the Air Canada employees. There's just something very wrong with the way cats are treated when they must fly.

Readers, we simply must get Jack's Law passed. This issue is too important to let it sit and nothing be done to protect our cats while in the hands of the major airlines.

I hope this is the last airline cat death I have to report on. Here's the petition site link for Jack's Law. Comments anyone?


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Lost Airline Cat Dead

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Dec 03, 2011
American Airlines
by: Mary

I should add my 2 cents about AA. I would bet money that AA has the worst record for lost animals/luggage. Many years ago my husband and I agreed to never fly them again... no matter the price.
Southwest Airlines is our airline of choice. I would also bet money that Southwest has a great record when it comes to lost luggage/pets. Southwest FINALLY allows small animals to fly inside the cabin, for a price. The only problem with Southwest is that they fly to fewer cities and don't fly internationally.
THANKS for the recommendation for cat GPS collars!!! We should all have one on our pets especially when travelling ... even if it is a car ride. Furbabies can become lost in the event of an auto accident!!!!

Nov 28, 2011
by: Anonymous, UK

There is something fundamentally wrong with carrying cats as cargo.

Nov 28, 2011
sub-human priorities
by: Jean Clelland-Morin

Breeder's "cats are valuable"?! Says a lot about what some "humans" think about the animal-holocaust.

Nov 28, 2011
by: MIchael

Elisa, do we have numbers or percentage of cats and dogs that have been lost in transit during airline travel.

I had the impression that it was quite safe but your stories make me wonder.

A lot of breeders ship cats internationally. I guess they have insurance because some of these are valuable.

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