Google Search Trends For the Cat

The cat is becoming ever more popular. The popularity of the cat has grown significantly since 2011 while between 2005 and 2011 the cat’s popularity on the Internet remained static but at a relatively high level.

Google provides search trends for any topic that you wish. This is a new feature provided by Google. It gives you an idea as to what people are thinking and what is popular or becoming less popular because what people search for is what is popular at any one time.

Here is a chart provided by Google showing trends for the following: cat, tiger and lion. When I looked for trends in respect of phrases such as “feral cat”, “wild cat species”, “domestic cat” there was insufficient data for a trend to be shown so people are not searching for these phrases in general or if they are it is at a relatively low level.

I suppose the significant feature of this chart is the steady increase of interest in the cat since 2011 and it appears that the interest is growing. This may reflect a growing interest in celebrity cats such as Grumpy Cat.

There is an equal interest in both the tiger and the lion and there has been no increase in interest in either of these wild cat species. I had hoped to see an increase in interest in both of these wild cat species because both are endangered particularly the tiger. There needs to be an increase in interest in the plight of the tiger. The chart is disappointing.

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