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Handsome cat overlooked at rescue center for 125 days because he has FIV — 9 Comments

  1. Twizzle is a handsome guy and Irelynn is gorgeous. FIV kitties are all deserving of good homes. I bet Twizzle will find his human companion soon, especially after calling attention to his situation. 😢💜💜🐾

  2. When will idiot humans and some animal shelters learn that an FIV cat is NOT A DEATH SENTENCE,I have an FIV cat,my ‘Irelynn’ is FIV and she is as healthy today as she was when she was a kitten that I rescued off a busy bridge,people need to get educated on FIV cats,our own shelter test kittens at 6 weeks and most times the result will be a False/Positive due to being tested to early,they should be tested at 6 months of age,not 6 weeks and our shelter euthanizes the kittens that do test False/Positive which IMO is egregious.

    • Thank you! I’m so glad someone else feels the same way. They are beautiful kids and should never be passed over because of FIV. I really hope this sweet boy will have a forever home soon. This just breaks my heart to see him still alone….Irish, can I just say that your daughter is beautiful!

        • I understand your request. I am bit reluctant to change the comment software in case I lose all the current comments (82,000+). The Facebook discussion which are comments can be edited. Sorry for the frustration. I’ll correct your typo in your first comment and amend the second accordingly.

      • No thanks needed Mary and ye are correct they are beautiful moggies and I too hope the boyo gets adopted,if I didnt have a herd of 13 I would take him in a hot minute and thankye Mary for ye comment about Irelynn.

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