Happy Christmas from Caroline

By Caroline

Here is my favorite holiday card for everyone at PoC, featuring! not one, but TWO ginger tabbies. Happy, Happy Holidays to You all here at Pictures of Cats! 🙂

Happy Christmas from Caroline
Happy Christmas from Caroline
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Update: Another picture of Shrimp:

christmas cat


20 thoughts on “Happy Christmas from Caroline”

  1. “We do no wrong, cuz we are Moggies!”
    Thank you all, I hope your holidays are filled with cheer, and upright Christmas trees!
    Thank you, Michael, for the wonderful gifts you give us all 🙂

  2. Meowy Christmas Caroline. What a beautiful kitty!

    All our best wishes to the “family” here at PoC for a very wonderful, healthy and happy year ahead. Bonks to all.


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