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Have a look at the face of a woman who knowingly starved her four cats to death — 16 Comments

  1. The bitch should have got 18 years not 18weeks.anyone that is capable of doing this should not be part of society.whether your sick,well,broke etc.there is NEVER an excuse to starve any living creature to death.I hope an animal lover shares a cell with her in prison and sorts her right out because as usual the law has let the animals down once again and it’s not good enough.

  2. I’m a messy person…but would have rather died myself. Than allow any harm or neglect of my fur angel when he was alive.
    A messy place doesn’t mean you’re heartless or lack compassion. I want to do more than starve her. I’d like to give her a daily beating for what she did. Another person … with a light sentence. DISGUSTING!!!! The law (everywhere) need to crack down…lengthy prison sentences, hefty fines, seizure of property if you have it, bans of owning or being near animals..and for the likes of her. A daily thumping….just because!!!

  3. The poor neglected cat with the calico spots and fluffy
    tail looks like my precious [Zoe ] maine coon.
    The Orange one in the chair is like another male tabby I raised and cared for who lived almost 16-years named Samson.

    I cried over these images.Nothing else to do.
    This youngster must have seen this sort of severe neglect and abuse growing up ? How else could she have just walked away and why did she lock them in ?

  4. Anyone who abuses animals or humans, or any life form which includes sea creatures, is an out of balance being. Many are not diagnosed as mentally ill, but that doesn’t mean they’re not.

    I know people who are mentally ill who would never abuse an animal, even though they were abused as children.

    My father was very abusive to our cats, and I knew even at a very early age that this was wrong. I used to bring home stray cats. And when I found baby birds that had fallen from their nests, I’d bring them to school. They never survived.

    There’s no space in my heart for abuse of any kind. It saddens me greatly to see what’s being done to animals of all kinds, and makes me feel that I don’t want to live in such a cruel world.

    I’m very affected by the images I see, and many times I can’t get them to go away.

  5. This is just WRONG!!!!! I want to starve her to death!!!!! — just so she can “experience” what these poor babies went through. . . I am furious!!!!!!!!!!! Her sentencing isn’t NEARLY strong enough!!!!

  6. Phoebe, the most recent addition to my feline family was left behind with a male cat when their owners split-up and moved out of their flat.

    Thankfully the husband eventually surrendered them to a local rescue. He claimed to have returned to the flat regularly to feed and care for the cats, but the rescue weren’t fully convinced because both cats were so badly matted they couldn’t even determine their gender until they were shaved by a vet. Neither cat had been neutered and the rescue have no idea whether they ever had kittens together.

    I thought they’d had a rough start to life, but at least their owner did the right thing by asking for help to re-home them. Phoebe is a well adjusted, confident little cat, so I’m certain her previous owners treated her well in better times. They obviously cared enough to know they could no longer do their best for their cats.

  7. Hitler only had the personality disorders megalomania and necrophilia and wasn`t insane, but look what he got up to. This woman should have been banned from owning a pet for the rest of her life. Oh, wait! Better banned from having a meal the rest of her life like her cats.

  8. This is inexcusable! These cats would have suffered a much better fate being surrendered to a shelter. At least in a shelter, they would have been fed, watered, and their deaths would have been quick. People like this should be stoned! Or at least suffer the same fate they bestow on the animals. This is SO ANGERING!!!!

    • I agree. It totally flabbergasted me. Her icy heart. She could have done something easy to have saved them. Called the RSPCA. Called a shelter. Let them outside. Anything. Starving to death is painful and very cruel.

      • Michael, I had the same thought about why she didn’t just let them outside if she was unable to care for them herself or re-home them.

        To leave that final cat behind, alone except for his 3 dead companions, awaiting his own turn to die, is just too awful to comprehend. I can only imagine that Ms Dick (how apt) is either a very callous individual or has some kind of mental health issues. One can only hope that she never, ever has children.

  9. The house looks a real mess which indicates something is amiss with that person. Maybe not certifiably mentally ill but something is not quite right with her. Personality disorders are not qualified as mental illnesses but they can be even more dangerous.

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