Heartfelt plea: Ohio cats Daisy Doo and Peak-a-Boo have been at the shelter for 657 days

The Portage Animal Protective League in Portage County, Ohio has issued a heartfelt plea to help two long-timers find their forever home. Daisy Doo and Peak-a-Boo have been at the shelter for 657 days.

photo courtesy Portage Animal Protective League
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The League took to Facebook on Friday stating

“For 657 days they have been waiting at Portage APL. We keep posting them but they are still here. Daisy- Doo and Peak-a-Boo, as they are called by our Executive Director, are just wonderful cats. They live in her office and play and watch birds, but mostly they relax on her desk while she works.

When they first arrived almost 2 years ago, they were very scared and needed some time and socialization and time to feel safe. Fast forward to today and you see cats that are socialΒ and friendly with just about everyone. Every morning they greet her with purrs and meows. They want pets as soon as she arrives.

Daisy is Peak’s mother and she is about 6 years old. Peak is about 3 and he plays fetch. They love each other very much. They are both altered, up to date on vaccines, and negative for FIV and Felv. It will take them time to adjust to a new home so they need someone who can be very patient. They have proven over and over again, that as long as you give them time and show them love and trust, it will be worth it.

A loud, busy home would probably be too much for them. Please don’t let them stay here for 2 years! Look at those faces!”

Since the mother and son are bonded they’ll need to be adopted together to a quiet home.Β  Each year the Portage APL finds loving homes for 400 to 500 cats and 300 to 350 dogs. Another 45 to 50 cats and dogs are reunited with their original owners.

The Portage Animal Protective League is located at:

8122 Infirmary Rd, Ravenna, Ohio 44266
Sun & Monday – Closed
Tues – Fri 11am – 4pm
Sat- 11am -3pm

Facebook page is here.

6 thoughts on “Heartfelt plea: Ohio cats Daisy Doo and Peak-a-Boo have been at the shelter for 657 days”

  1. A boy and his mom? A mom and her favorite boy? (Great names too) Toughing it out together… breaks my heart. Someone save and give them their forever home. They shouldn’t have to spend their entire lives at a shelter.

  2. Sending love to you Daisy Doo and Peek-a-Boo. Praying for your forever human to find you very soon. πŸ˜₯πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸΎ

  3. Oh, this is so sad that these two have been waiting for so long for a forever home. I truly hope they will find one and fast. I have shared this in the hopes it will help.


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