Oregon Humane Society takes in approximately 50 cats and dogs from Lee County, Alabama

Alabama pets arrive

The Oregon Humane Society in Portland received a call last week from the Humane Society of the United States asking for their help in finding homes for pets from the Alabama area devastated by tornadoes on March 3. A total of … please continue reading

Edna the cat has been adopted: Member of the facility took her home after eviction went forward

Edna at home

Edna the San Francisco Fire Department cat whose story went viral has been adopted by a member of the Ambulance Deployment Facility (AKA the fire department). After being evicted a member stepped up to adopt her as a house cat … please continue reading

If you had to choose between a kitten, a one-year-old cat, or a cat that was 10 or older, which would you choose and why?

There is no simple, straightforward or correct answer to this question. The answer usually depends upon the adopter’s personal circumstances and preferences. I could stop there because there is no single correct answer and I don’t want to go through … please continue reading