If you had to choose between a kitten, a one-year-old cat, or a cat that was 10 or older, which would you choose and why?

There is no simple, straightforward or correct answer to this question. The answer usually depends upon the adopter’s personal circumstances and preferences. I could stop there because there is no single correct answer and I don’t want to go through … please continue reading

A plea has been sent out to find the owner of a 17-year-old black cat found in Liverpool

The Cats Protection League is searching for the owner of a 17-year-old black cat found in the Liverpool area. She has a microchip but the information was never updated by her owner. Tilley is described as a petite black cat … please continue reading

Feral cats in SPCA barn cat program in NC wrote to Santa asking for a forever home

Butters and Grayson are two feral cats in North Carolina. They recently wrote to Santa asking for a forever barn home. The two are bonded and will need to stay together. Butters and Grayson entered the barn cat program back … please continue reading

Hillsborough County: Pet Resource Center’s ADOPT system helps find the ‘pet of your dreams’

Hillsborough County, Florida has launched a new project at the Pet Resource Center called ADOPT where it’s claimed pets can be reunited with their owners faster and adoption will be simpler and more transparent. In other words, the pet of … please continue reading

15-year-old cat whose owner lost everything in Paradise is going to a new forever home

A Paradise, California cat whose owner lost everything in the Camp Fire is set to go to a new forever home. His name is Damn Yellow Cat and he’s definitely living up to his name, according to the good folks … please continue reading

Cat and dog BFF’s were adopted from the shelter together. Now they play all day long

Chico the dog and Coco the cat both suffered abuse before ending up at an animal shelter together before being adopted into their forever home together in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. When Margaret Freitas and her husband Francisco Frietas went … please continue reading