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  1. Thankfully none of my cats have ever experienced urinary issues, but I know how painful and serious they can become very quickly.

    A dry food only diet is responsible for lots of health problems, so it’s great this subject is being discussed. Lots of people still aren’t aware of the problems because many vets continue to promote these foods in their clinics.

    When dry food was first introduced on the UK market I recall hearing that many cats died or suffered kidney damage. I didn’t know the reasons behind it at the time, but it was enough to scare me off buying it for my cats.

    I’ve also heard that stress is another contributing factor to UTI’s. One of my ex-strays refuses to use a litter tray and will only toilet in the garden. He gets quite agitated when he needs to go out. Rather than risk him getting stress-related cystitis, I’ve abandoned the idea of ever converting him to using litter.

  2. I continue to read about problems that cats develop on dry food, even if they seem healthy up to a certain point. It’s cumulative, and depending on the cat’s system does seem to catch up with them.

    I was just reading this section in Elizabeth Hodgkin’s book, Your Cat.

    I really hope that more and more cat guardians will become aware of the dangers of feeding dry food, and how “free feeding” also creates health problems. Cats are not grazers, like cows.

    Leaving food out all day will ultimately result in
    problems, like diabetes, UTI’s, and many others.

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