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  2. I’m not surprised in the least. My mom’s cat Fluffy always avoided everyone but mom, unless they were sad. She always came to my lap and insisted I pet her when I was sad. It always amazed me. She was a mean cat at times, but so gentle and, yes, a comfort in time of need. Cats are intune. They sense what is going on. It is an amazing, compassionate thing. It makes me happy to be alive!

  3. I think its a beautiful idea and makes perfect sense. Like Ruth I also think that more care homes and Hospices here should have a cat; it was simply lovely to read how Ruth’s mom’s cat made her last moments so peaceful. Sadly because a lot of care homes are now private and are run for profit the owners wouldn’t allow a cat because it would eat into the profit (I’ve had first hand experience of this) so its a shame but thats how it appears

      • You are right Michael there’s that as well. I also think people just see the pitfalls and none of the benefits and with Health and Safety Protocol at the fore front of everything they just see the dangers.

  4. It would be good if cats were part of Hospices here, they can bring great comfort to dying people.
    Our late mother came home from hospital after surgery found she had liver cancer, which had been spreading undiagnosed by doctors. She was so ill that her last 10 days were spent in bed. Our ginger cat Felix stayed with her, only popping outside a couple of times a day, until the night she died. She was a great cat lover and I’m sure his closeness gave her peace and comfort.

    • That’s a tender loving cat story Ruth. I really do believe that cats should be employed far more in hospices and even sections of hospitals. There are issues such as caring for the cat and spreading disease etc. but I feel that the fears and concerns are overrated. It works and Tom is an excellent example.

  5. I so agree! When my Mother was in the hospital dirung her illness, there was a “pet therapy” day in the hospital. I took one of my cats (aspecial needs girl I had at the time because she adored my Mom), to the hospital one night to see my Mom. It’s unbelievable the changes an animal makes to someone in the hospital. My Aunt (my Mom’s sister & my godmother) had her dog come visit her at one time while she was in the same hospital. Both my Aunt & Mother are long since gone, but I truly believe that anipals should be part of a patient’s healing process — whether in a hospital or a nursing home (provided there are no allergy problems). I know my cats are all the therapy I need! No matter what kind of day (in my case night at work), when I get home my “welcoming committee” is waiting for me and all my troubles, thoughts whatever, just melt away, and the love is unconditional — and I can truly feel it and God through them telling me “everything will be all right Mom”. . . ♥♥♥♥♥

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