Daughter gave a cat to her dying dad with dementia

Dying man with dementia comforted by the presence of a cat

The story, presented in the form of an infographic, is instructive. It tells us that when we can’t give a dying relative with dementia a present because they won’t understand what it’s for, they will instinctively respond to the presence of a cat or dog. Dementia or not, it seems that humans respond positively …

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Discussion on the rights of therapy cats

ESAs for uni students. Cats are good for students with high emotionality

A recent study from Washington State University found “that students who exhibit the big five emotionality trait[s] are especially interested in cat visitations” according to MEDICAL NEWS TODAY. The Big five personality traits are openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism”. “Emotionality” means the strength of a person’s emotional response to stimulus. A high score …

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Can cats be support animals? Yes, of course, but does the law recognise it?

Ian Fenn and Chloe

Can cats be support animals? Or can they be assistance animals? Or can they be emotional support animals? Or can they be service animals? The language and the law are muddled. It depends where you live. An American pet insurance company says that cats cannot be service animals because cats are not recognised by …

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Can cats help with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? Yes.

Animal assisted therapy for PTSD

The question is asking whether domestic cats can help a person get over PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). And the answer is going to be a qualified yes. The reason why I have introduced the word “qualified” into the last sentence is because people reading this want hard evidence through a scientific study that cats …

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Dilemma: daughter needs her therapy cat but baby sibling is allergic to cats

Fel d1

A teenage girl who lived with foster parents moved in with her real parents in 2019. Before the move she adopted a kitten. Her parents agreed that it would calm her down. She bonded with the kitten and the relationship calmed her. She said, “I bonded quickly and she helped me a lot with …

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Dainty female cat acts like an alarm clock to help mother of severely handicapped girl

Speedy a therapy cat

Introduction This is the story of Speedy. There are two things about the story that need to be mentioned at the outset. Firstly, the story was published in a book entitled Wonder Cats in 2010 and Speedy was honoured by Cats Protection with a Rescue Cat Award in the Hero Cat category in 2008. …

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Cat detects when his sleeping owner’s blood sugar is low and wakes her

Hazel and Walter

“The National Cat Awards is a wonderful celebration of everything we love about cats. In particular it shines a spotlight on the incredible bond that can exist between pets and owners.” – Calum Macrae, Regional Director UK & Ireland at Purina. Walter, a 9-year-old black cat, is a contender for the Cats Protection Hero …

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