Royal College of Nursing say pets have a place in hospitals

The Royal College of Nursing is running a trial on selected wards in hospitals to investigate the benefits of “one-to-one animal therapy” for patients. There are numerous articles on this website about the benefits of cats and dogs to a … please continue reading

No-kill cat shelter in Ohio brings happiness to nursing home residents through their Pet Adoptions for Loving Seniors program

This is a feel-good article that comes out of Ohio, where volunteers with a no-kill cat shelter are taking their cats into nursing homes to bring a bit of happiness to the residents. One of the disadvantages to entering a … please continue reading

BBC Presenter Became Suicidal on the Death of His Pets

Chris Packham is a very honest person. He has spoken incredibly honestly about his depression. He suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome which is a condition within the autistic spectrum. His story is poignant. It reinforces what we know, namely, that many … please continue reading