Hot of the press: Super gentle man rescues cat in Hurricane Ian (video)


Posting this in a rush. I will add some more words later. What I love about this is the super gentle way the man picks up the cat who is on top of an air conditioner. His name is Mike Ross aged 29. His girlfriend, Megan Cruz Scavo, is giving directions/instructions off screen! The hurricane looks horrendous. Devastating with many killed. What about the cats and dogs too. We must not forget them.

Oh, Mike adopted the cat. Brilliant. A nice way to round off the rescue. My God, they’ll be bonded for life. And the cat looks as nice as Mike. A ginger bicolour.

Megan said in her Twitter post:

“My boyfriend saving a cat from flood waters near Bonita Beach. #HurricaneIan #Naples #Bonita #FortMyers.”

Mike Ross and his rescued cat
Mike Ross and his rescued cat. He adopted the cat! Bliss.
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The opposite response in Florida during the same hurricane at a different location

Well, here is another story of cat rescue during Hurricane Ian but this one did not happen and there is uproar on Twitter about it. Allegedly Dylan Federico failed to take action to save the life of a kitten stranded during the hurricane when he was evacuated from this office. The kitten drowned apparently only the reporting is sketchy. There is no evidence from what I see that the man failed to act, and the kitten drowned but I am reporting the news item here in any case.

The different responses reflect the differences in opinion about the value of the lives of animals in general and domestic and stray cats in particular. Some people – the better people – care about sentient lives. Others are so wrapped up in their lives that they don’t care. Their lives are human-centric. And hundreds of millions of people across the word still don’t have sensitivities towards animals. They just don’t get it. They don’t regard them as sentient beings with feelings.

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    • Well, I have seen the tweets and it is garbled. Very unclear what happened. I’ll do this but the reporting is poor. There are so many holes in it. I will add to this page actually rather than do a second page.

  1. Good man. Better than that low life at WINK Florida station who took a picture of a kitten sitting on a bench surrounded by water posted it on twitter for likes, then he let it drown because he couldn’t walk in 6 inches of water to save it. Let me tell you Mike people on twitter buried him…


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