Cats are valued more highly than deer as highlighted in this cat rescue from a tornado

Sandy among the rubble of his home

This is a story about a tornado which ripped through Tennessee over December 9 and 10th. It destroyed the home of a ginger tabby cat in Madison. The family was away at the time. A video was made of the devastation and a screenshot from that video, I’m told, showed this ginger tabby cat …

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NE Iowa cat lady rescues 3 abandoned cats in woodland

Rescuing cats

She is “Helping kitties in NE Iowa”. She’s charming. She is nice. She is doing great work in saving the lives of abandoned kitties in the US among other cat welfare activities: TNR and fostering. Great woman and, you know, there are lots of women like this in the US. There really are. They …

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The shocking revelations of a cat rescuer ‘at the shit end of cat rescue’ (video)

Cat rescue is at the shit end of cat rescue

She plies her trade in America. Her name is Kay Banks. She is the owner of Tabby Tails Cat Rescue. She’s on TikTok and appears to be working alone in taking cats from cat shelters who are happy for her to have them. There are too many. They are being killing them on a …

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New York City cat rescuer with 12,000 Instagram followers arrested for alleged animal abuse

Cats rescued from a cat rescuer by the ASPCA

NEWS AND VIEWS: On the face of it, this is another one of those cat rescuers turned bad stories. We see them from time to time when cats rescued by a rescuer need to be rescued from the rescuer! But we have to be careful when we criticise cat rescue charities because the stories …

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Ukraine rescue cats arrive in DC after compliance with mountains of rules and regulations and $12,000 spent

Gorgeous Gizmo

This is an incredibly impressive, committed and wonderful cat rescue organised mainly, on my understanding, by Homewood Trails Animal Rescue (11116 Fairfax Station Rd, Fairfax Station, VA, United States, Virginia). They have a Facebook page and a couple of their Facebook posts are republished below. There is also a video from WUSA9 YouTube. Note: …

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Animal rescuing Ukraine soldier finds pile of puppies protecting kittens during the war

Puppies and a newborn kitten plus mother huddle together during the Ukraine war

I believe the soldier’s name is Yaroslav Lutsyshyn. It appears that he has decided to do his bit (a lot) for animal welfare during this ghastly war and he is videoing his exploits and uploading the videos to TikTok which allows me to show you one of his latest episodes. As you can see …

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