How many cats does Ed Sheeran have?

Ed Sheeran has 2 cats – Calippo and Dorito at Oct 2018 — plus a tabby called Graham making 3 but Graham passed away August 1st (I believe) after being hit by a car. It is complicated and the information available is confusing

I believe that as at the date of this post (now updated), Ed Sheeran has two cats: Graham, his first cat, a tabby, who he rescued and saved from possible euthanasia and Stuart who he calls Boo Boo. I got that from Ed Sheeran Updates on Twitter and it looks reliable. However, there is smoke and mirrors on the internet and the answer to the question is not 100% certain so if someone can confirm my assessment or otherwise it would be nice. His Wikipedia page has no mention of cats.

UPDATE: 11th Oct 2018. His cats now have an Instagram account. After some research I have ascertained that their names are Calippo and Dorito (aka Boo). Calippo is a Scottish Fold type cat (folded ears) and a dilute bicolour. I presume that he is a genuine purebred Scottish Fold. It is a shame that he promotes an inherently unhealthy cat breed that Cats Protection want banned! Perhaps it happened innocently.

Dorito is a ginger tabby-and-white. It seems that he may have changed cats and/or changed the names of his cats since first posting about them which caused the confusion.

Here they are from Instagram:

Ed Sheeran's cats
Ed Sheeran’s cats
Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles:- Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats

Here is Ed with Calippo on what appears to be the back patio of his home:

Picture of Ed Sheeran and cat
Ed Sheeran with Calippo his Scottish Fold type cat.

I don’t know if Calippo is purebred. It’s possible.

Earlier post below

This section and the intro was written a year ago when it was less clear as to the names and number of Ed’s cats….In fact there are plenty of pictures of Ed with Graham. You can identify Graham by his tabby M mark on his forehead. But I can’t find any photos of Stuart. Or I don’t think so because Ed is seen in a lot of photos with cats. One of the cats is a large fawn colored British Shorthair. The cat looks purebred but I don’t think this cat belongs to Ed Sheeran. Ed has also been photographed with a number of other cats. He genuinely looks delighted to be around them. I’d say he gets a nice dose of cat therapy from Graham (and Stuart if he exists).

You can see these images in a larger format by clicking on them. A new page opens. I believe the photos are now in the public domain.

Not only is Ed Sheeran a superstar musician, he has a tender heart and loves cats. I am going to guess and say that he probably loves animals generally.

Ed tweeted on the 24th January 2014 that he had adopted Graham because the cat was going to be put down. You can see the tweet in the picture gallery above.

Ed likes to fall asleep with Graham. All good cat owners would understand that. The question mark for me is how does he manage to be with his cats when he is an award winning musician? He must travel a lot. Travelling is not easy with cats. I would guess that he does not travel with them as does Taylor Swift.

At at Jan 19th 2018 Ed announced his engagement to his school sweetheart, Cherry Seaborn, 25. On Twitter he said the following to his 19m followers about it:

“Got myself a fiancee just before new year. We are very happy and in love, and our cats are chuffed as well xx.”

The Times reports that they live with their two cats: Calippo and Dorito. That information undermines what I have stated above. As he refers to ‘our cats’ I wonder if Calippo and Dorito are owned by Cherry and the paper has forgotten to refer to Ed’s cats. Just a thought. Or he renamed his cats. Or they now have four cats! 😉

Ed has several homes it seems. Sheeran purchased a farm near Framlingham, Suffolk, in 2011 and had it renovated. He says that this is where he calls home. He has another home in South London. I’d expect him to have someone to look after his cats while he travels.

P.S. At the Grammy Awards in late Jan 2018 Ed said: “Woke up to the news I won two grammys last night. Thank you!” wrote Sheeran, who included a photo of his orange-and-white cat. “This little fluff-ball is doing a bit of a celebratory dance, lots of love to everyone xx.”

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  1. I hope he has housekeepers living in each of his homes to care for the cat’s well. I’m sorry for Taylor Swift’s cats, going on tour must be hel l for them but as long as Miss Pop star is happy……….. Ugh.

    I often wondered what happened to Morrisey, the tuxedo cat belonging to Russell Brand. That poor Cat seemed to live life on the whim of his human and I don’t see much chance of his little life being very happy.

    • Yes, I wondered how he dealt with being away so much. He has the dosh to have a full-time cat sitter/carer. I may be incorrect but I don’t see Brand as an ideal cat owner.


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