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A lot has been written about comparing cat age with human age so we can get a feel for the age of our cat companions on our terms. Back in the day there was a simple formula: multiple the cat’s age by 7 to get their human age equivalent. But this is not accurate over the entire age range. I’ve described that problem as the comparison ‘is not linear’. It is unsurprising that the aging of cats follows a different speed compared to humans at different stages in their lives. You’ll see a range of calculators with slightly different results. It is not a problem as this is a bit of fun. Perhaps we shouldn’t try and do it. Just stick to cat age and think cat?

This non-linear method is more complicated but more accurate. I know people like simplicity as I do but I think converting from cat age to human age can’t be over-simplified. For the middle-aged cats, you count 3 human years for each cat year. Take your time with the conversion.

Cat age calculator
Cat age calculator infographic by MikeB at PoC.
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