9 reasons why Taylor Swift is so successful (the 9th is her cats!)

Taylor Swift infographic (part)

Here are 9 reasons why Taylor Swift is so awesomely success. She’s become one of only a few dollar billionaires whose main source of income is music. She’s smart and works enormously hard. I have added to a list of eight an important ninth, her cats! She loves cats obviously but I think she …

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Infographic on advantages and disadvantages of an indoor life for cats

Full-time indoor Bengal cat gets much needed exercise

This might be moderately useful for people who are considering adopting a cat and are chewing over their options concerning the more modern way of keeping cats indoors full-time of sticking with the conventional indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Just remember that there are added obligations on cat owners when they keep their cats indoors (think mental …

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Best self-cleaning cat litter trays (infographic)

Sel-cleaning cat litter tray

First up: I am not getting commission on these recommendations :). I am just doing this to try and help. The infographic is based on Amazon sales. It is a good guide provided one treats reviews with a little caution. There are an extraordinary number of self-cleaning cat and dog litter boxes from different …

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Cat litter substrate compared (infographic)

Cat digging around in cat litter

‘Substrate’ refers to the litter material e.g. clay or wood. Each type has its pluses and minuses. Personally, when my cat was using a litter tray, I used wood substrate. I found it good at odour suppression and it is relatively good for the environment. But, of course, I leave it to each cat owner to make their own decision. There is a greater emphasis nowadays compared to say 20 years ago to protect the environment so that aspect of the comparison is of greater importance. If the expense is not a major issue perhaps the deciding factor would be environmental impact. Read about Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter – dusty.

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Agouti tabby (infographic)

Common agouti

This is my infographic on the agouti tabby domestic cat coat which we all know. It is the original cat coat.

Infographic on the agouti tabby pattern and genetics.

We all know that the domestic cat tabby pattern is the most common and best known as it comes from the domestic cat’s wildcat ancestor the North African wildcat which has a less contrasty spotted/mackerel tabby coat. Domestication introduced the blotched tabby in the 19th century; a late arrival.

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Canada lynx group hunting improves success rates (Infographic)

Lynx hunting snowshoe hare

Sources: Wild Cats of the World by the Sunquists. Specifically:

  • Breton study: GR Parker Winter Habitat use and hunting activities of lynx 1981
  • Newfoundland: Saunders JK – Movements and activities of the lynx in Newfoundland 1963
  • Yukon: O’Donoghue et al – Behavioural responses of coyote and lynx to the snowshoe cycle 1998.

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Is the kitten healthy? Check list infographic.

Is the kitten healthy?

Click the infographic below for a larger version. It covers the essential basics in order to assess your chosen kitten for health which is the number one criteria when adopting a kitten and assessing the breeder’s integrity whether they are professionals or informal breeders.

P.S. There is a counterargument for adopting an unhealthy kitten! The objective is to save the kitten and dramatically improve their lives. The effort driven by altruism and a desire to help the less fortunate will be rewarded in a closer than normal bond which adds to the pleasure that the relationship brings.

Comments are welcome! Personal stories of kitten adoption are instructional. Please share.

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Human-companion animal partnerships substituting conventional relationships

Woman and kitten

There is an overlap between parents caring for their baby/infant and humans caring for their cats and dogs. The infographic below summarises some of these overlapping aspects of the relationship. There is a trend, too, in developed countries to adopt a pet over having a baby! Pope Francis, the current Pope, doesn’t like it …

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