Is My Cat a Chartreux?

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Hello there, I wonder if you can help me as my friend bought me this cat (see photo up loaded) and it looks like a Chartreux Cat could you please let me know address deleted on instructions of contributor (22/11/15)


Hi Sam.. I will try and answer your question here on the page if that is alright for you.

Your cat is a fine cat and the colour is a classic blue meaning a dilute black, which is the exact correct colour for a Chartreux. The only acceptable colour for the Chartreux is this one.

The conformation does not, on the face of it, and judging by the picture, conform closely to the breed standard of the Chartreux but I say that with some trepidation as I am not a breeder and do not judge cats!

A Chartreux is more cobby with slender legs and the face has a certain Chartreux look with the muzzle shape it has and what seems a smile, which I do not see in your cat.

More importantly there are no papers to confirm pedigree. A purebred cat needs documentary proof of some sort to establish that it is purebred.

Without documents it could be argued that even a purebred cat is not a purebred cat.

So that is it really. I would be proved totally wrong on all counts if your friend turned up with the papers. Sometimes purebred cats don't look that much like the breed standard so appearance is not the be all and end all of judging for purebred.

There is a gorgeous grey rescue cat called Rafael living in Brazil on this page: Grey cat Rafael

You might like to read: What Breed Is My Cat?

Thanks for popping by and asking.

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Is My Cat A Chartreux? to Chartreux cat

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    • Sorry Sam but I hardly ever delete posts. This is because other pages can be linked to them and to remove the post would produce a broken link. Could you please tell me why you want the post deleted?

      • I do not want my email on show at all please & our cat passed away & it’s very upsetting 🙁 removing my comments will not affect your site! You should create it so us who post can remove our own posts if we choose to do so!


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