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Even after five weeks I am unable to pet my new cat — 15 Comments

  1. We rescued a tortoiseshell when she was 4 weeks old. Some one had thrown her sister and her in a dumpster. It took her almost 6 years to start climbing on our laps and being loving. She is now a loving cat who adds much joy to our lives. Sometimes all it takes is patience. Good luck!

    • Wow, I love your comment. Six years to feel truly relaxed and trusting. I don’t think we humans really understand the time frame under which cats work. They are under less pressure to do things fast.

  2. Five weeks would normally be considered a long time for a cat to hide in a new home, but if the previous owner (not caretaker because a caretaker would never relinquish a cat because of moving away) had her from a month old, no wonder she is still traumatised!
    Her new caretaker needs to win her trust, not to try to force her to come out, sit in the room with her often, talking to her quietly, using her name a lot, it doesn’t matter what words, just the cat getting to know the person’s voice. With time and patience she will hopefully start to trust people again.

  3. It takes time for a Cat or Cats to get used to a new area. Sometimes,the best thing is to let them sort out themselves. To be there for when they need you. Thats my experience with adding other cats and esp when i got Jasmine. I think for calm i agree but to put some food out and reassure them even if its even by talking.

      • Exactly Michael. I’ve learnt alot with having different Cats. Even, when Cassy Passed it took Tiger three months just to get used to Jasmine. He now Plays with her. Even Smokey my oldest Cat. He only ever would go to me and now 7 years later he accepted and is happy to go to My Ex even under the blanket. Which is amazing as he is very shy and Sensitive. So it can take a long time. Just be there for them. As cats like some humans I.e me dont handle change very well.

  4. My new trio were traumatised and spent a lot of time in hiding. I left treats around the room, sprinkled catnip and slept in their room for at least part of the night. Eventually they decloaked more and more often until they turned into 3 attention-seeking tearaways. Time, patience and quietness, taking things at cat-pace, are crucial, along with making the world look inviting. Accidentally on purpose dropping bits of cooked chicken is entirely optional …

  5. -I would like to add that your [new to you] kitten may have an undiagnosed illness[having not been seen by a vet in how long? Could be allergies[in old or new surroundings] worms, heart murmur or problems with flea bites. Or it could have been hurt at some point[ in which case it would be very hard to prove psychologically, however -physically a cat is an EXPERT at hiding illness & or pain. They of course become distressed after being moved.Be gentle with your cat and give treats and warm kitty milk [made for cats only] & cage to a vet to over rule any real health issues first. This will scare him or her but may be quite necessary. Good luck with your new Family Member. Remember-some cats are highly allergic to flea products-air freshners, bleach, ect…I have my four adult main coons treated with natural remedies. RESEARCH this Option.___ Also, the common gray striped tabby usually has digestive issues such as sensitivity to low quality Dry foods and some wet meats they don’t digest well and these problems lead to diarrhea and dehydration. Keep fresh clean water available.

  6. A cat pheromone diffuser does wonders! Plug it in, in the room the cat is in and close the door and windows so the pheromones saturate the air. I used one after bringing my kittens home from an outdoor life and, of course, they hid all day. This will have the calming effect a mother cat puts out naturally to calm and make feel safe her kittens. It does work well on cats of any age. I have just ordered a pheromone Collar for my aggressive cat, Tyson. The collars I have not yet tried but I like that the pheromones will be with him wherever he wonders. (of course this is only practical if you can touch and handle the cat.

  7. If I could say anything, it would be to leave the cat alone. Stop trying to coax her into submitting to your needs. It’s all about her; not you.

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